Causes of Halitosis

Bad breath is bad for everybody..

Let's get started with our look at the causes of halitosis. If you are a bad breath sufferer, (medically this is called halitosis) you don't need me to tell you that it is the problem in your life. People shying away from kissing you, if you are married - your partner could be thinking its the biggest problem in your marriage. Your colleagues will be talking about you behind your back. Your dog may even be thinking to itself "boy, I thought my breath was bad but his takes the cake!". It is a real and very smelly problem for millions of people every day, people of all races, pretty and handsome people, old people and young people. No-one is immune.

Is brushing your teeth not helping? Mouthwash not making any inroads into the problem? Have you cut out garlic and even tried a few home remedies for bad breath? It helps if we investigate the causes of halitosis so we can see what tactics we might employ to try to fix the problem.

Most people have their own reasons for why they think their breath smells. Some common reasons include

  • I ate garlic for lunch
  • I didn't brush my teeth
  • I need to eat some fruit
  • I don't have any gum with me

and the list goes on and on.

But are these reasons really valid?

In reality, bad breath is caused by certain foods, bad oral hygiene, and other factors.

Most crucial of these factors is a bacterial imbalance in your mouth. These bacteria that live in your mouth have colonised (grown all over) your mouth. There are too many of them and as they live there they produce a certain odour as they live off the gums, blood in your gums and food in your mouth. Not a very pretty picture. Sometimes these bacteria can be so dominating in your mouth that they are almost impossible to remove with regular brushing, toothpaste and mouthwash.

Food is also a culprit in bad breath. Food can easily be trapped around the teeth, foods like steak can be trapped in your mouth for days and literally "rot" in the warm environment of the mouth. Some food can become lodged there for quite a time, giving off foul smell. Sometimes the only way to remove these pieces of food is with some dental tape, or dental floss. Dental floss is an often forgotten weapon in beating bad breath. If you have never heard of dental floss, or never used it, you will be amazed with how much material it can remove from your mouth and have you wondering just how long it was in there!

Another common cause is dental diseases, as gingivitis and dental caries can be causes of halitosis. Regular dental checkups should be a part of your lifestyle and can also protect you from pain and loss of teeth through some preventative treatment.

Some people however, and we all know a couple of them, have some long term issues with halitosis, and that then raises the next issue of how to bring that up in conversation. Don't be that person, go and cure your bad breath!