Indigestion may need proper attention to reduce its occurences and soothe the pain.

Indigestion is a common ailment. It affects all kinds of ages and have similar chances of occuring on both sexes.[1489] Excessive amount of acid in the stomach may flux back into the oesophagus - the tube that connects the opening of the stomach with the mouth. The area outside the stomach are not layered by protective mucus secreted by the stomach lining. Therefore the introduction of acids into the oesophagus cause pain and discomfort in the chest.

Stress and other feelings of tension and pressure are also responsible for increasing the chances and frequency on indigestion.[1489]

The common food types that causes indigestion.

Try reducing the consumption of  these foods. Avoiding them alltogether could vastly reduce the chances of indigestion, however, some of these foods are still quite beneficial for health. Thus, proper monitoring is needed to strike a balance between the pros and cons.

Unripe Fruits

Fruits that haven't fully ripen contains high amounts of pectin. These are hard to digest inside the stomach.[1486]

Fatty Foods

These type of foods are heavy and chunky.[1487]

Strong Coffee and Tea

These beverages are not only hard to digest, but coffee also contain acids thay may worsen your indigestion.[1488]

Lifestyle patterns that may cause indigestion

Aside from foods, lifestyle behaviour may also cause indigestion. Most of these happens whenever the body is subjected to sudden or unnatural changes.


It is not reccommended to eat one or two hours before bedtime. Whatever that you have eaten may not be properly digested. Furthermore, sleeping horizontally may worsen the pain of indigestion.


Not only is smoking really bad for health, the nicotine contained within cigarettes also causes indigestion.[1490]

Stressful Lifestyle

Having constant pressure throughout the day is also unhealthy[1489]. Stresses and tiredness may weaken muscles, which may affect those that control the stomach during digestion.


The consumption of aspirin, especially when the stomach is empty, can cause indigestion, as it irritates the stomach.[1491]

Eating too fast

Chewing quickly and unthoroughly means large chunks of food goes to your stomach, making it hard to digest. Plus, eating too fast causes too much air to flow in.[1489]

Physical changes to the body

One other factor that causes indigestion is physical changes. These effects are temporary, depending on the period of said physical changes.


Pregnant females has a higher chance to suffer from indigestion because of the increased size of the uterus. As time passes on the baby grows larger and may pressure the digestive tract.


As per above, overweight people may also suffer from indigestion due to the pressure on the digestive tract because of the excessive fat deposited on the front of the abdomen.

Curing and soothing indigestion

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