Snoring is a ubiquitous phenomenon that affects people of all ages and sexes. The condition is caused due to the obstruction of air flow in the air passageway in both men and women. The cause of the snoring is usually same in men and women. But a few causes of snoring in men are found more in the male race when compared to the fairer sex. Ever wondered if men snore louder than women? The statement is actually true, it has been scientifically proved. Men tend to snore more and louder.

There are in truth four major causes which while not causing snoring in all males, tend to be present in most cases. They are obesity, personal hygiene, personality and alcohol.

Obesity is known to cause snoringCauses of snoring in men - a man snoring

Obesity is a condition found in both males and females. But the condition is prevalent more in males than females. This is due to various reasons such as genetics, body size, hormones, and work related stress. Additionally it is considered a matter of pride, some actually like having a big stomach. Another major problem is the metabolism of men, it causes men to store more fat thus increasing the waist size.

The content of fat in the body is related to snoring since, as the amount of fat in the body increases the air passageway in the throat shrinks. An inverse relationship is present between the two. Smaller the passage greater is the obstruction to free flow of air and greater the snoring. This is the reason most doctors when visited for snoring will advice one to lose fat.

Lack of personal hygiene may also cause snoring in men

Snoring when it is caused due to obstruction of the nose may be due to low personal hygiene. When one does not clean ones nose, it will be obstructed and thus cause snoring. All one has to do is regularly clean ones nose, especially before sleeping to prevent snoring. While not all men lack in personal hygiene, many men do not care about such trivialities. Usually the family members and loved ones suffer due to the lack of care on ones part to the trivialities.

The Personality of men also play an important role in snoring

Men and woman have the same kind of brain, but it is different in the size of its parts and the internal wiring. The personality of men and woman thus differs drastically. While not true in all cases, women have an intense need to conform to society and they have an intense need to be accepted in it. Thus if a woman has a snoring problem, she would try all methods to find and utilize snore cures. On the other hand men are wired in such a way as to hate conformity in any aspect. If a man has a snoring problem, he may even be proud of it. Since they don’t care about what others think about them, they usually go to sleep and are not concerned about others.

Lastly Alcohol

Men are known to drink more than women. It is a known fact that alcohol has muscle relaxants. These compounds will weaken the muscles in the throat, thus creating obstructions that cause snoring.