It is not without reason that doctors, research scholars and experts from various parts of the United States are putting their maximum energy and time to figure out the root causes of female hair loss. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, hair loss in women is a burning issue and around 30 million women in the United States are directly or indirectly affected by this problem. Identifying the root causes of female hair loss, would help the doctors and experts to prescribe the right hair loss treatment for women.

Causes of female hair loss:

• Continuous medication for various ailments, nutritional loss, and insufficient iron supplements.
• Emotional or physical distress.
• Excess use of cosmetics, hair-dryer, and shampoo.
• Hormonal changes in body like Thyroid problems, child-birth or use of birth control pills.
• Radiation therapy to treat breast cancer or some other forms of cancer.
• Bacterial, Fungal and Microbial infection on the scalp.
• Chemotherapy
• Tumours of the ovaries and adrenal glands
• "Androgenic alopecia" a genetic disorder that occurs due to excess of testosterone in females

Hair loss treatment for women: The key to hair loss treatment for women is to find the root cause of the problem. Hair loss due to lack of nutrition or insufficient iron supplements in body can be treated simply by adopting a healthy life style. Healthy life style means a combination of balanced diet, regular exercise and adequate, regular intake of water. A balanced diet and regular exercise will not only keep your body fit but also keep your hair healthy, radiant and glowing. If hair loss is because of some medication or stress then the hair loss would stop when you stop taking those medicines.

Keeping an emotionally healthy life avoids the chances of hair loss due to stress. To lead an emotionally healthy life you should find ways to express your feelings, and avoid anxiety and stress. Hair loss because of bacterial, fungal, and microbial infections could be treated by taking oral antibiotics or antifungal drugs after proper consultation with doctors.

Among the worst causes of female hair loss is androgenic alopecia, a genetic disorder caused due to excess of androgen hormone in female body. If this is the cause for hair loss then hair transplantation is the only available option for treating it. In hair transplantation, healthy hair is harvested from certain parts of the scalp and fixed into the bald areas. If performed well, hair transplantation results in extremely natural looking and beautiful hair.

A lot of people feel that long, beautiful, and healthy hair is a defining factor in a women's personality. That is one reason why so many women panic at even the thought of losing a few hair strands. From Marilyn Monroe to Jennifer Lopez, a lot of popular Hollywood actresses were known for their beautiful and attractive hair. The secret to beautiful hair is to take good care of it, and treat all ailments when you discover them.