Causes of Sharp Breast Pain SymptomsCredit: Causes of Sharp Breast Pain Symptoms

When someone suddenly feels a sharp pain in breast, then they will normally be concerned and want to get it checked out by a doctor. There are several things that cause sharp pain in breast. They can occur in two ways: cyclic pain and noncyclical pain, which means during the woman’s menstrual cycle or not during it.

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Cyclic Breast Pain
This can occur during a woman’s menstrual cycle can occur due to hormonal issues. It can happen in either breast or in both breasts. This kind of feeling can also go into the area of the armpit.

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Noncyclical Breast Pain
This normall happens in only one breast is not usually due to hormones. The pain can be either on, around, under or inside the breast. Sometimes a woman may fear she is having a heart attack.

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Sharp Pain in Breast Caused by Injuries, Other Factors

A woman’s breasts have no bone, just nerves, blood vessels, ducts and lobes for milk production, and connective tissue. Some sharp pains in the breast could be due to an injury.  If a woman has undergone any type of surgery in the breast area, this can cause pain or if there are any cysts or fibroid tissue in the breast, this too can cause sharp pain in breast to occur.

If a woman is breast feeding a child, the milk ducts could become clogged and cause mastitis, which can also cause sharp pain in breast, along with inflammation and burning due to an infection. Some women even get sharp pain in breast when they are under stress.

Even though women worry about breast cancer, it actually rarely causes sharp pain in breast, but it is possible to have pain with some types of breast cancer, so any lump should be checked by your doctor.

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Non-breast causes of sharp pain in breast or near it

Inflammation of the chest or lungs such as bronchitis can seemingly cause sharp pains in breast due to the proximity of the problem, but it is really caused by the lung airways being infected. Pain in the breast area can be also felt if someone has been exercising or lifting wrong and you have pulled a muscle near the breast area.

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Treatment and Diagnosis of Sharp Pain in Breast

If someone is having a sharp pain in breast they may be prescribed to get a mammogram or ultrasound of the breast to see if there are any lumps, cysts, or other issues that could be causing the pain. After your doctor figures out the cause of the pain, then appropriate treatment can be prescribed.

Pain can be treated with either hot or cold compresses, over the counter pain medications such as aspirin, ibuprofen, or acetaminophen; or it is sometimes treated with Vitamin E or Evening Primrose Oil. If there is an infection, then antibiotics are given for treatment. It is also best to avoid caffeine, as this can contribute to sharp pain in breast.

If the pain is caused by hormones, then sometimes birth control pills or other hormone related medications are given for relief of sharp pains in the breast.