There are many reasons to be excited about the state of technology today. The increased role of technology and the internet in people's lives has increased the role of the blog in people's lives. Blogs allow users to essentially become their own news source, but they can write about whatever they like and however they like. One of the most popular and recommended sites for blogging is WordPress. WordPress, and blogging in general, is a fantastic tool for self-expression and marketing, among other reasons, that has caught on like wildfire in recent years. Most bloggers, however, run into a few problems - the most consistent one being a lack of traffic, or visitors, to your blog. Rest assured, there are many ways to increase attention to your site, and three very important ways are listed below.

Three Ways to Bring New Visitors to Your Blog
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Interact with other Bloggers and Comment Appropriately

Like any form of social media, blogs allow for comments from various readers. Unfortunately, much of it is spam or useless information. However, experienced bloggers always hope that interesting and relevant comments will be posted to their site. If you are making such comments, these bloggers are going to take notice and hope that you continue to comment. This not only helps you create connections, but acts as an effective introduction to your own blog. Ensure though, that the username you use and any links you insert into the comments are appropriate, relevant to the topic, and aren't clearly made for keyword-spamming. Make it legitimate or you won't get far.

Creating a Hub for Your Online Profiles and Content

According to various internet marketing experts, if you want to take your blog seriously, then you must make it the hub of all your online content. It is the first thing under your name on your virtual business card. Include the link to your blog in all your profile pages, your forum posts, and any online community that you are part of. If people are interested in you and communicate with you frequently, they are all potential traffic to your blog if done correctly. For example, including the URL to your blog at the beginning and end of all your YouTube videos is a very effective technique, especially if you have a decent following on YouTube. Any site where you upload original content such as SoundCloud or Flickr is also a great place to include your blog's link as it defines your online personality and presence.

Sharing your Content with Social Media

Taking advantage of the social media giants like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to promote and share your blog posts is vital to increase traffic flow to your site. These content-sharing websites allow a massive number of people to constantly exchange, discover and receive new information, which can, quite literally, give overnight success to certain content. This involves a bit of strategy, a bit of luck, and a lot of social media know-how, so patience and determination is essential to attracting new visitors.

To enhance your success, make sure that each of your online profiles is well-written, credible, descriptive and contains a good self-portrait. It has been suggested that profiles with more information, detail and elaborate design have a stronger correlation with more profile views. Begin by connecting with users whom you share a personal or professional relationship with, and develop further connections from there.

There you have it, a few proven ways to increase traffic to your blog. Like a brand new product on the market, it needs to be properly advertised, promoted and of high-quality in order to gain further attention and reap the benefits. Above all, you must believe in your blog to succeed. It should contain information that the internet is not already over-saturated with if you want to stand out, and your various online profiles should reflect that. That said, good luck and happy blogging.