There are many cautions to take when dating online. For anyone who has spent much time dating online, it doesn't take time to realize it isn't all peaches and cream like the commercials and ads suggest. Of course, there are success stories, as well as mountains of horrific stories, and then those that just simply didn't flourish into loving relationships.

Who is really on the other side of the screen?

Who is really on the other side of the screen?

Fake Pictures:

Beware of people who have only one profile picture, or those that appear old. Does the person in the picture match the age on the profile? Does the clothing trends, hairstyles and back ground match the trends of today? If not, it is very much likely that the photograph is out of date. Many people, men and woman, will use out of date photographs for online dating websites. Always ask to see more photographs once the communication process has begun. Also be aware that some people will even use fake pictures. They might even have several of the same person, by using a friends or family members, or even by using some random's online. It seems funny that people would use a fake photograph, especially when actually meeting face to face. However, many online daters will say "I thought if you got to know the real me, my looks wouldn't matter". In many cases it is not the looks, but the actual deception that took place.

Married People:

Oh how the online dating sites are crawling with unavailable men and woman. Why? Well, I guess these people don't consider it cheating if it's simply an online romance. Plus, if he/she does it while at work, the chances of getting caught are not as likely. Face to face romances require actual meetings and phone conversations.

Married Warning Signs:

  • The potential suitor never picks a time or place to meet. He/she keeps procrastinating the meeting or canceling the date. Most of the time giving one lame excuse after another.
  • If when chatting online, in real time the online dater mysteriously disappears at random. Then several minutes or hours later says they had internet problems or got disconnected.
  • He/she only chats or emails extremely early in the morning, before going to work, during the work day, or extremely late at night, after everyone else is sleeping.
  • He/she doesn't want you to call them, or they never take your calls during "off peak" hours.
  • Ask for several pictures of the person. Many times a married person will make the mistake of sending at least one with a wedding band on.

Search the Online Dater:

Search online daters out on the internet. There is nothing wrong with protecting yourself. Look for any criminal charges and if they are, who they say they are. See if they have a facebook or myspace. Read the background, if not on private. Stay clear of someone who doesn't want you to see their social networking sites. If they keep you separate from their actual real social life, it's a bad sign. This could mean they are married or a player. Many online daters have two lives, one online and their actual life.

How Long to Wait Before Meeting Someone from an Online Dating Site?

Don't rush the process of meeting someone after one or two messages. This would be great for a perfectly safe world, but it isn't. Surely, by now everyone has heard to meet in a safe public place, go with a friend, have someone call you every hour and so on. Apply it! Any online dater should safe guard themself to the fullest extent possible. On the other hand, don't ever send continue to message someone who after a month or two of sending messages refuses to set a date or time for a face to face meeting. Don't waist life and time on something that will never be anything but an online romance. Unless the reasons are extremely understandable, like deployment. However, in case of meeting someone deployed, don't put life on hold for something that might or might not happen. Use common sense here.

What Gender is the Person, Really?

This seems to be a more and more common trend, especially among the men. A guy who is looking for women to date should really make sure the person he is communicating with is an actual female. There are many guys posing as woman on the internet nowadays. Ask for lots of pictures, the possibility to see her on webcam and search the person out to see if the name and person is real. It is also a good idea for woman to make sure they are talking to a guy, but it's a more common occurrence with the guys.

Beware of Scams

There are many scams on online dating sites. Even with some that require membership fees. One of the simplest ways to figure out if this person is for real or not– take their profile information, place quotes around it, and do a search in the google search engine.

  • Many of these scammers will use the same information on many profile throughout the internet.
  • Many times they talk in broken English.
  • Stay clear of anyone who ask for cash or bank information. Never give out a ssn or any numbers or passwords to any accounts.
  • Be cautious of giving out email addresses. However, if an email is received from anyone off the internet, trace the ip address. See if it matches up to place the person says he/she is from. Beware if it traces back to any shady places, especially but not limited to Nigeria. Nigeria is notoris for online scams. An on going one that involves online dating sites, is the person pretends to have lost their parents in a horrible accident. These people are extremely charming. Which brings up the next point.

Beware of the Charm

While it's most everyone's dream to meet someone charming, if a person is overly charming in the beginning, be cautious. While some men and woman are just naturally charming, others are narcissist and deceiving. The charm is used as an tool to lure their victims in. If someone seems fake, chances are, he/she is fake. Ever heard the saying "too good to be true"? Well 9 times out of 10 it is too good to be true. There are many of these people on the net, looking for victims to feed their egos or to con.

Be very careful out there in the online dating site world. Take all cautions when dating online.