We have all heard of the now famous geico commercials, so easy a caveman can do it. Well, if you are looking for an easy diet, I probably wouldn't recommend the caveman diet. However, if you are looking for a diet in which you will not only lose weight quick but will also feel great and be healthier, leaner and fitter, then the paleo diet is definitely for you.

What is the Caveman Diet?

The caveman diet, or paleo diet, is all based on the theory that man was actually healthier when he was a hunter and gatherer than what he has been since the dawn of agriculture and farming. The premise is that much of what we deem "healthy" is not really that healthy at all and is actually the cause of many of our modern day disease, such as arthritis. The people who use the caveman diet claim better health, lower body fat percentages and even sharper eyesight.

What is on the menu of a Caveman diet?

If you wanted to eat something on the caveman, then you have to eat like a caveman. This would include any meats but the caveat is that if you can't eat something in its raw state, then it is off the menu. If it wasn't available back then (condiments and what not), then it is off the menu. As you can probably tell, that leaves you with very few things to eat.....

  • No breads
  • No pastas
  • No potatoes or peanuts or green beans (all three are toxic raw)
  • No sugar
Everything else, you are more than free to eat. Many Paleo dieters also advocate an organic diet as well, further complicating the food choices. The reason is since much of our meats are loaded with toxins such as steroids and antibiotics, that it is still genetically altered.

So, now that you know that downside, what can you expect to lose weight wise on the Paleo diet?

Since the diet is fairly restrictive, you can expect for the weight to literally fall off your body. When I was doing the Caveman diet, I was losing weight at a rate of 3/4's of a pound a day. By the end of the month, I had dropped 20 something pounds (and I am by no means fat). Ironically enough, I was also able to gain more muscle in a month than I had in all of my adult life.

Health Benefits and the Paleo diet-

The health benefits are numerous. Many caveman dieters (and researchers) believe that gluten or breads are the source of many allergies and can cause other problems as well. There have been cases where someone on the Paleo diet literally stopped having asthma. Other cases involved arthritis pain being alleviated.

I know do a hybrid paleo diet. And I have my own success story. Last month, I went to my eye doctor for my yearly exam. My optometrist was amazed to find that my eyesight had gotten better by nearly 100 feet. While I can't verify that the paleo diet was the direct result of this, I will say this much- my eyesight had been the same for 10 years prior to me starting the diet.

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