Cayenne Pepper Can Save Lives

Cayenne: The Spicy Remedy

One of my all-time favorite natural remedies is cayenne pepper, a common kitchen spice that holds secret powers in the medicinal world.  Well known throughout the Indian and Spanish cuisines, it also has the potential to stop a variety of life-threatening dangers to continue.  So occasionally sprinkle it generously on your salsa, but never leave the house without it.

To Stop the Flow

Does your child have nosebleeds often?  Pull out the cayenne powder--that's right, snuffing just a thin film of powdered cayenne from the end of your finger can stop a nosebleed in only ten seconds.  Simply put a bit on the tip of a moist fingertip, insert into the bleeding nostril, and gently sniff.  Once the powder has come into contact with the site of bleeding, it will take only a few seconds before stopping the flow altogether.

And of course, cuts are easily remedied with a sprinkling of the hot red flakes.  I will confess, I didn't really believe my textbooks until I saw it firsthand on my sister one day...after cutting her little finger almost to the bone, she applied direct pressure to the wound and quickly asked me for some cayenne water.  I grabbed the jar of cayenne from the spice rack, shook a few shakes into a cup, added, water, and held it out for her to drink. 

"That's not enough--add more!" she urged.  So this time I added more than just a few shakes, stirred it vigorously, and handed it off.  She grabbed the glass and gulped down the mixture, then waited anxiously for about a minute before releasing the pressure on her finger.  Sure enough, the bleeding had almost completely stopped and she was able to apply a bandage. 

No if you are like me, you probably would not rather have your mouth on fire whilst dealing with a cut.  A., however, doesn't mind one bit.  In fact, she disagrees strongly with me on the whole issue:  "Cayenne works faster if you drink it,"  says she, "instead of applying the powder to the cut." As for me, I'd rather just endure a bit more pain on the finger and sprinkle on the spice.  The healing principle is the same, anyway.


Heart Attacks, Stalk Away

How about a family history prone to heart attacks?  Never leave the house without several capsules of cayenne.  Known for its amazing cardiovascular activities, cayenne powder or tincture has the amazing power to stop an attack in its tracks.  Why's this?  You would never guess that the cayenne pepper in that spicy dish is actually one of the most nutritious power foods for the heart.  If that life-providing muscle stops beating and is fed with cayenne pepper, it will jumpstart itself again.  Pretty amazing, isn't it?  Even if you have never had a heart attack but are noticing chest pains, take two capsules of cayenne with some food to ward off the attack.

Unfreezing Regions

Another way that cayenne can be very useful for those out in the wild is as a treatment for hypothermia.  That's right; in addition to halving your freezing patient drink a hot and spicy tea out of the cayenne, you can also sprinkle it in his socks and gloves and have him wear them.  The cayenne next to his skin will help bring circulation back to his extremities without burning them!

Want to know about the science behind this amazing herb?  check out my article on Cayenne:  The Whys and Wherefores for more information on the medical properties behind this common kitchen spice.