It's always nice to go on holiday, and even better when it's somewhere virtually unspoiled, so when considering new and interesting travel destinations, think about Cayo Coco. It is a small island located in the central keys area of Cuba. The island is reachable by a bridge that only allows access to workers and guests of the Cayo Coco hotels, so the whole resort area is fairly exclusive.

What residents call the coconut bird, or white ibis, is where the key got its name. The bird is common to the island, along with many other wildfowl inhabitants, such as pelicans and a colony of wild pink flamingos, due to the fact that the island is within environmental protection. The beaches are pristine and display powdery white sand and clear turquoise waters. Because of the clear water and the close proximity of the coral reef, the island is known as one of several in the area that are excellent for scuba diving and snorkling, even for beginners. The reef is actually one of the best diving and snorkeling reefs in all of Cuba and the Caribbean.

If you are looking for some activities out of the water, there are plenty of natural trails to explore where you can view the beautiful scenery while hiking, or when using bicycles that the hotels keep on hand. However, whether it's sunny beach or scenic trail, be sure to bring insect spray that contains deet. The mangrove trees are fantastic to look at, but they have a tendency to be a haven for mosquitos, and you want to stay protected and healthy.

There are many choices for hotel accomodations in Cayo Coco, one thing they all have in common is that they offer all-inclusive packages. This is common in Cuba and it is due to the remoteness of the area and the Cayo Coco hotels and because there are not many other businesses on this island. Cayo Coco is specifically geared toward tourism, and the package deals make getting everything you need much easier.

Thought to be the best hotel Cayo Coco has to offer, as well as one of the best in Cuba, the Melia Cayo Coco is a hotel catering exclusively to adults. It is has been contemporarily decorated and it, just like the the other hotels on Cayo Coco, is also an all-inclusive accomodation. The layout of the resort includes a natural lagoon surrounded by 76 private bungalows that are separated from the rest of the hotel.

The suites at the Melia are very large, and include their own dining areas. They also have upscale bathrooms and balconies that are securely screened-in. The standard rooms are also very nicely done, but have open-air balconies. In the rooms near the lagoon, the sounds of the water are soothing, and very reminiscient of what a tropical paradise wood look like. The remaining rooms at the resort property are set up to look like a small village. One of the four restaurants at the hotel is built on a dock in the lagoon.The beach area known as Playa Las Coloradas is on a beautiful bay, and is reserved for Melia guests. An unusual offering at the Melia is an information booth where you are able to learn about Cuba and its culture. The booth also offers lessons in dance and Spanish. You won't find this at any of the other Cayo Coco hotels!

Catering to the adult crowd, the Melia has a dance club, five bars, an outdoor pool and Jacuzzi, a sauna, a snackbar and a fully equipped fitness and game rooms. Every night features outdoor theater. You can also rent diving and other water fun equipment, scooters and cars at the Melia, and you may also arrange for massages, laundry and salon services.

Another of the Cayo Coco hotels, the Sol is better suited for family visits, and they are the largest percentage of the clientelle. There are many activities for children, including a soccer field, kid's club and minigolf. It has two beach areas, including portions of both the Playa las Coloradas and Playa Larga areas. To reach the Playa Larga area, a bridge spans a beautiful river and delivers you to an area of beach that has very calm and shallow waters.

Most of the large rooms have both sea views as well as a peaceful sea feeling, with blue interiors. The Sol is home to a large collection of catamarans, as well as other water sport fun, such as parasailing. There are several ways to enjoy all the activities, and package deals to save you money. The Sol also has two large outdoor pools.

For the parents, there are special programs and child care services at the Sol, and children under three stay free in the room with the parents. It seems that all of the hotels have approximately the same peripheral amenities, that of availability of bikes, bars, restaurants, exercise equipment and rentals of cars and scooters.

Next on the list of hotels in Cayo Coco is the Tryp Cayo Coco. It is one of the oldest Cayo Coco hoCocotels, but has undergone a recent makeover. Part of the hotel was bought by another hotel chain, but the portion that remains the Tryp has kept its personality. The hotel rooms are just average size, and are completely decorated in matching rattan furniture pieces. However, the combination of the floors of red tile, and big, bright pillows and artwork all bring a festive beach atmosphere to the rooms. The resort is widely spaced out with lots of foliage, and has two outdoor pools. Other essentials include: a coffee shop, five restaurants and six bars as well as the rest of the services offered at the other two hotels previously mentioned.

While in Cayo Coco, cigar smokers may want to take the extensive tour that is offered by all of the Cayo Coco hotels to one of the cigar makers nearby. Another nice feature is that all of the hotels offer complete wedding services along with special package prices for the bride and groom, from the very simple to somewhat more elaborate.