Ceasarstone counter

Photo courtesy of Caesarston.com

Countertops are perfect surfaces to display interior design fashion. At one time only the most stylish counters sported tile surfaces. When Corian was first introduced no quality kitchen displayed anything but Corian surfaces. During this past decade, although Corian and tile have still been good choices for worktop surfaces, polished stone – granite in particular -- has become the countertop fashion material of choice. The past few years have introduced the element of finished cement along with recycled glass to the list of chic countertop choices. Silestone is another new introduction being made of hard quartz and coming in with powerful durability and a wide choice of colors. Now another polished surface is rising to the top of countertop must-have materials: CeasarStone.

Ceasarstone is a man-made material perfect for countertops. It is manufactured primarily from one of nature's hardest minerals, quartz, and boasts the same durability as Silestone quartz slabs. But CaesarStone has combined the more than 90% quartz content with polymer resins and color pigments. Processed and compacted, CaesarStone creates a polished, nonabsorbent and durable surface that is not only beautiful and decorative, but resilient and easy to maintain. The final effect is similar to other polished stone surfaces like granite or Silestone, yet is highly resistant to scratching, burning and other damages making it perfect for use in kitchens, bathrooms and for walls as well as flooring.

Unlike granite, CeasarStone does not need sealing and it remains impact resistant, polished and stain resistant with little fuss. It also comes in an assortment of colors, grains, textures and you can even find it with recycled content.

Since CeasarStone has not been tested for UV rays, you may want to think twice before using it for outdoor countertops. But it does offer a new and enticing choice for countertop materials to use inside the home. CeasarStone is not inexpensive, but neither are granite, Silestone, Corian and some of the other surface coverings. It looks like it should pay back for itself by offering a long lifetime of durability, easy care and fashionable beauty.

To find CeasarStone you will have to check with your local interior designers, showrooms or your favorite contractor.