Cedar swing sets are an extremely sturdy and popular choice for individuals when it comes to backyard play structures, playsets or swings in general. No matter what the reasoning is, whether it is for a small family with kids, a classy little park or your front porch, it is hard to go wrong when the choice is cedar swing sets.

Cedar Outdoor Swing set for Kids

(Pictured Above: Highlander Deluxe Cedar Play Set with Slide)

A Few Reasons to Choose Cedar Swing Sets

It is not just because of the sheer strength that is offered up by cedar that these are one of the number one choices. There are many other reasons that these are so sought after. Here are some reasons to consider cedar outdoor wooden swing sets:

1) Nature has blessed this wood with a natural resistance to some shortfalls that plague other woods such as rot and decay. This is probably one of the reasons why you see all that "nice" furniture offered up in cedar - outside of the beauty of the wood in its bare condition.

2) Before and after receiving any coatings or treatments cedar proves to be a very sturdy material. Allowing for many years of use and pleasure out of the backyard play structures, playsets and leisure furniture it is used to create.

3) Since the material is obviously wood the concern with rusting on the body of the playset is eliminated. With a lot of the metal swing sets rust can cause the backyard play structures to become weakened and vulnerable to breaks. Rust is often an affect of metal being exposed to rain, water and other weather conditions.

4) Cedar swing sets contain a certain eye appeal as well. Perhaps it is simply the color of the wood itself that is so cohesive when set against a natural setting but either way these backyard play structures and leisure sets contain a measure of class against a lot of the other swing set options available to you out there.

Western Red Cedar Wood Garden Arbor Pergola with Swing

(Pictured Above: Western Red Cedar Wood Garden Arbor Pergola with Swing)

Cost of Cedar Swing Sets

Honestly the costs that you run across can vary grately based on several different factors. Going off of some of the criteria that you will find below you can expect to see average prices of between $600 and $2000, though there may be some for far less and far more as well. If you find a swingset that you are interested in you can always search out reviews for that specific product online or ask around.

  • Quality and durability of the wood used to create it.
  • Location where you opt to purchase from. Which makes some sites better than others as they allow you to compare different prices for the same and similar items.
  • Type of wooden swing set you are shopping for. Leisure swings such as porch swings can often times cost less than the extravangant structures designed for children to enjoy.
  • Size of product that you are looking for. For leisure: single seat, pergola, double seat etc. For Child's play: extras such as slides and other playful additions, height, width and so on.

Where you can find Cedar Swing Sets, Leisure Swings and other Backyard Play Structures:

Toys R Us carries a decent selection of wooden outdoor swing sets and other quality items. The items found here are often of high quality make-up and design and come ready to assemble with clear instructions. If for any reason one of the items you are interested in is not is stock they often have a rain check system that can allow you to reserve one for you when they are in stock.

Amazon.com is a marketplace that features numerous manufacturers and retailers that are offering cedar swings. Here you can browse and order right from the comfort of your own home, compare prices, get access to both new and used products and take advantage of their regular shipping discounts.

Swingsetsonline - this website offers a wonderful selection of beautiful wooden outdoor swing sets and play houses for very competitive prices. It would be hard not to find a good option here.

As far as the above listings go Amazon and swingsetsonline are the two choices with the greatest selection and what appears to be the most competitively marked prices. As a word of caution - if you opt to do shopping at a location such as Wally-World the quality and sturdiness of what is offered in most of their swing sets is far less than most would desire when looking for cedar products. Typically their cedar sets are made up of a lot lighter and less strong wood and will often require a bit more care when assembling. However the cost of their outdoor play structures can often end up being half to nearly 1/3 of the quality sets carried by other retailers.