If you want to update the look of your room, and you just happen to have a pretty ugly looking ceiling fan, there are ways to do this so that you don’t incur the expense of replacing the entire unit.

If your ceiling fan is in good working order, but it looks outdated, then check out these blade covers you can get to instantly update the room.

Many homes rely on these fans to keep the air moving, whether to move heat around the room or cool air, they have become very popular for the vaulted ceilings as well as large living areas and bedrooms.  Keeping air moving is very important for the health of the house.

But no matter how you install them, they are a pretty big focal point in a room.  If you just happen to have the colonial style that was very popular a few years back and have decided to update the room, then you can get covers that will make your fan blend a bit better or give it a new focal point all together.

So, if your blades are in good shape and so is the motor and you don’t want to go to the trouble of replacing the entire unit (which can get very costly) then simply clean your blades and add these covers.  It is quick and easy as long as you can reach the unit.  You will most likely need a ladder.

Ceiling fan blade coversCredit: Amazon.com
Craftmade B554T-OLOK 23.03in. Tropic Isle Set Fan Blade
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(price as of Feb 26, 2014)

Ceiling Fan Blade Cover in a Leaf Motif

I really think the leaf motif is a cool way to go.  This instantly updates those older colonial styles.  If you have a house full of fans such as the ceiling one, or you are purchasing a house that has them, then why not update them? 

You can get these online or in home improvement stores.  There are many styles, but I thought this leaf motif was a cool one.  Make sure to follow the instructions on the package for installing them, you don’t want them flying off at high speed!

Ceiling Fan Blade CoversCredit: Amazon.com

Ceiling Fan Skin Kits

I thought these skin kits would be great for bedroom fans, or somewhere that you would like to make a bold statement, such as with the zebra patterns that have become popular for bedrooms.

Instead of your basic colour 42 inch blade, which is mostly likely white, you simply add these skins.  They are easy to install and the trick is to make sure the blade is clean and free of dust before applying it.

The zebra theme is perfect for a girl’s room, especially if she loves the zebra stripe accessories, as you can also get outlet covers, pillows and even wallpaper borders.  Most of these products can be removed if you want to change them down the road.

The skins are an affordable way to make that fan apart of the décor as well as functional.

Recycling Your Decorating Ideas

No one wants waste, so to find ways to update or recycle things you already own, keeps them out of landfills, and also keeps money in your pocket.

So before you throw anything away, see if there is a way you can paint it, recover it or add something to it such as with these ceiling fan blade covers.  It is a great way to update something that you simply can’t hide and is necessary for the function of the room.