ceiling fan duster

When your home is clean it is not only more healthy for your family, but also much nicer to look at. There can be germs in your house that can easily make you and your family sick, and on top of that, there is dust. Dust is made up of germs, dead skin cells, pet dander(which can cause bad allergies), and all kinds of other undesirable particles.

Dust is spread throughout your home in several different ways. The biggest culprit however, is arguably your ceiling fan. Ceiling fans clean can be a huge hassle. You will need to stand on top of something high and carefully wipe down the blades. Or, you could buy a ceiling fan duster which will make it extremely easy. All you will have to do is swipe the ceiling fans once a week, and it will take a matter of seconds. This will go a long way in keeping the dust from building up in your home.

It may also help to dust the bottom of the blades, but the most important thing is to dust the top of the blades. Without the duster this could be a huge challenge but with the long handle on a ceiling fan duster it becomes a breeze. You may even find a ceiling fan duster with a telescopic or extending handle. This will make it much easier to store as well. Having a hooked top on the duster is also very important because it allows you to really get into the areas that no one sees.

Electrostatic brushes are another great thing about ceiling fan dusters. This is a type of fiber that naturally attracts dust particles so even if you don't pick them up directly it can sometimes grab them anyways. This allows you to keep your entire fan clean without having to take the fan apart or take it down.

Ceiling fan dusters can also have brushes that surround can surround the entire blade at once. This makes dusting the fan even easier. All it will take is a simple back and forth motion on each blade and you will be done. You won't even need to get up off of the ground because they often have very long handles. Even if you have a vaulted ceiling you can find one that extends up to fifty, or more, inches in length.

Most people seem to leave their ceiling fans on almost constantly. This is especially true during the hot summer months or in places that just naturally have a much hotter climate. The blade still does a very good job of picking up dust even when it is turned on. You could check sometime just by turning the fan off and getting on a stool so you can see the tops of the blades. You will be amazed at how much the fan accumulates, even when it is turned on.

Don't let ceiling fans circulate unhealthy allergens, germs, and dust throughout your house all the time anymore. Make sure you buy a ceiling fan duster to keep your home clean.