2011-japan-earthquakeCredit: 2011-japan-earthquakeThis Friday morning Japan was hit by one of the strongest earthquakes in the history of mankind. This earthquake measured 8.9 on Richter’s scale and its epicentre was very close to the north-eastern regions of Japan. The high magnitude earthquake triggered a devastating Tsunami.

The earthquake that seemed they would never end shook apart buildings and houses and tore apart highways in just two minutes, unnerving even those who had learned to live fearlessly in oscillating skyscrapers. What was left from this disaster was washed away by huge Tsunami waves measuring as high as 13 metres and more. The violent waves washed away houses, ships farms and even planes. One thing led to another, an uncontrollable fire broke out at Cosmo oil refinery, Ichihara city. The 8.9 magnitude earthquake and Tsunami severed all electricity to the Fukushima nuclear power plant, situated only 170 miles northeast of Tokyo, sabotaging its cooling system. There was a fear of temporary nuclear meltdown that has been temporarily avoided. The north eastern regions of Japan were devastated Nature showed it’s wrath on Japan killing thousands of people and destroying property worth millions.fire oil refinery japan earthquake 2011Credit: fire oil refinery japan earthquake 2011

There is still only an approximate estimate of the death toll and the huge losses that Japan has suffered.  Most of the areas are still inaccessible because of the debris and cracked roads. Around Eleven Japanese teams are assessing and estimating damage and supplying first aid to the victims. Several international agencies are pursuing rescue operations in the affected areas and supplying food packets to the affected areas.

japan earthquake tsunami 2011I appeal all to join hands for the human cause and help the affected in whatever way you can. Celebrate the month of Repentance Easter and Good Friday by donating for the Earthquake victims.  Here are some agencies that are actively participating in rescue works and collecting donations.

Red Cross: You can contribute monetary donation on the official Red Cross website or visit your nearest Red Cross centre if you want to donate blood. If Japan requests for blood and medical supplies Red Cross is readying to send immediate blood and medical products. Those who are passionate towards this cause can make a $10 donation by calling 90999.

Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California or the JCCCNC has established a Northern Japan Relief Fund to collect donations for the earthquake victims. You can donate online or by calling (415) 567-5505.
If you want to donate by cheque you should send a cheque payable to JCCCNC, at JCCCNC, 1840 Sutter Street, San Francisco, CA 94114.
It should bear a notation “Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund”.rescue work japan earthquake 2011Credit: rescue work japan earthquake 2011

GlobalGiving has already received $314,984 that it has distributed among rescue teams and agencies that are providing basic aids to the Earthquake and Tsunami victims. You can donate online by visiting 'http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/japan-earthquake-tsunami-relief/' (copy and paste the link).  GlobalGiving is working in coalition with other relief and rescue agencies such as Save The Children and Medical Corps and other non-profitable organisations. 

Salvation Army has been actively working on rescue operations and rehabilitation of the victims “working tirelessly to assist them every step of the way”. You can contribute to their efforts by donating to their Disaster Relief Fund online or by visiting the nearest branch. You can also make a $10 donation by texting the words “JAPAN” or “Quake” to 80888.

There are other organisations that are working for relief, rescue and recovery in the areas affected by Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. E.g. Americares, Convoy Of Hope, International Medical Corps, Shelter Box. You can visit their websites and contribute to their rescue operations.

japan eartquake victims