So many outward hopes and dreams abound during this holiday season. You want to please everyone in your circle of life. Family, loved ones friends and co-workers.
The most important thing about this season, is to celebrate your spiritual journey during the holidays.

Acknowledge Christmas and all of the wonderful Holidays that are celebrated. They are, in many ways, a gift, a way to pay homage to our culture, our religions and way of life.

Contemplate your place in the scheme of things. Spend time sitting in a relaxed position and close your eyes. Try to get rid of any mental clutter. When the mind is still and silent, the intuitive mind creeps in. This can bring you to a reawakened state of well being.

Give in a special way to those that are less fortunate. Give to the food pantries. Donate your time to help the needy.Take part in the food drives. You will begin to realize the true meaning of the holiday spiritual journey. You experience such contentment when you step completely out of yourself by helping others and our animal friends, as well.

Enjoy the company of family and friends. Sing together and celebrate the joy in your life. Celebrate the holiday spiritual journey year around.