Hello Fall Season!

Celebrate the Fall Season With Jack-o-lanternsCredit: Jeni

The Fall Season Has Arrived - Get Out There and Have Some Fun

The little yellow school buses are rolling; that means it’s time to embrace the new fall season. Below are a few activities that you can do with your family or as a dating or married couple to welcome the new season. Best of all, these activities won’t entail financial stress since they’re either free or inexpensive. Read the awesome tips below for ideas on how to enjoy this autumn time.

Kick Off the Fall Season with the Big Kickoff

When the fall season kicks in, that means it’s time for football season! Whether it's high school, college, or the pros, cheer on your favorite football team. Perhaps you’re the proud parent watching your son play his first game, or maybe you are taking your child to see their first game. Football is synonymous with the fall season and a great way to kick off its arrival.


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Savor the Flavor and Delight in the Magic of the Fall Season at an Autumn Festival

Festivals that commemorate the autumnal equinox are always fun for the entire family, and how much you spend depends on what and how much you choose to buy. Browse an assortment of harvest themed, Halloween, and Thanksgiving crafts. With face painting and Halloween costume contests, these types of events and celebrations are a wonderful way for children and adults alike to soak up the wonders of autumn all around them. And finally, don’t forget to taste all those fall season goodies. Indulge in freshly baked apple donuts while sipping hot apple cider.



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Be Picky this Fall Season, and Go Apple Picking

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Celebrate the fall season with a healthy and tasty apple picking adventure. When you head out to the fruit orchard and pick apples fresh from the trees, you’re doing something positive and beneficial for your and your family’s health. Apple picking is not only a fun activity for the entire family but it’s great exercise, and it yields some pretty sweet and healthy eats. Fill your baskets full of apples, and while at the orchard, sample yummy fried apples and hot apple cider. Pack a picnic lunch, and make this autumn family outing even more cost-effective.



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Go Gaga for Gourds During the Fall Season; Pick Pumpkins at the Pumpkin Patch

The fall season and the pumpkin patch go hand in hand. The pumpkin patch is fun for kids of all ages, and like with your excursion to the apple orchard, you can pack a lunch and make a day of it as you relish the autumn time with your family. And that means your main cost here will be the price of the pumpkins. You might want to buy one to carve into a spooky jack-o-lantern to greet all your Halloween visitors. Or, you might want to purchase a second pumpkin to be cut later and cooked into a variety of yummy recipes like pumpkin pie and cake for Thanksgiving.

Go ahead! Grab the family, grab some fun, grab your pumpkin, today, and savor the magic of the fall season.



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Get Your Spook on This Fall Season

Halloween festivities can begin long before October 31. Deck your home out so it is spook-tacular. Bake cool, tasty treats and desserts, and pamper your family and yourself all month long. Craft your kids’ Halloween costumes; this will save you money as well as provide valuable time spent with your children. And who knows? You may even turn them onto crafting! There’s no limit to the ideas your mind can scare up as you celebrate the fall season and Halloween!

Don’t be scared, spook out the family, and have a howling Halloween this fall season. For kids and adults alike, Halloween is a huge part of what makes the autumn special. This fall season, rediscover some old, or create some new, spook-tacular Halloween traditions in your family.

Have a spook-tacular Halloween everyone.

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Be Thankful this Fall Season

For many people, this has been an awful year financially, and the last thing you feel like doing is partying this Thanksgiving. But in spite of this, there is still much to be thankful for including those irreplaceable entities like good health, family, and friends. Instill in your children the priceless value of these gifts and an appreciation for what they do have. Teach them that being thankful is a good practice all year long and not relegated only to Turkey Day.

Also, don’t forget to educate them about the historic significance of this special American holiday. Those Pilgrims—those Colonists who established our First Thanksgiving—have given us a precious lesson on the resilience of the human soul. Their actions, perseverance, and endurance have left us a legacy that represents the American Spirit. Reading holiday books together, visiting a reenactment of the First Thanksgiving, and doing Pilgrim crafts are entertaining ways to impart this knowledge.

Decorate, cook, eat turkey, and make merry with family; these are synonymous with the Thanksgiving holiday. Since many people have the entire Thanksgiving weekend off from work and school, this is usually a convenient time to have family come to visit. Whatever you do, be thankful for all those blessings big and small you do have as you rejoice in the fall season.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my faithful readers.


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