June is the month of the year that not only ushers in the long awaited summer but it is also known for being the month of weddings, anniversaries, graduations, and of course Father’s day.  But did you know June is a month to celebrate a plethora of other great days?  Here are a few to get you started:

June 1- Dare Day   Today is the day to create a new challenge for yourself, whether it be to walk those extra steps to a healthy new you,  to learn that new language or to forgive someone in your life that you have been needing to let go of for a long time.  And while you are at it why not challenge a friend or family number who you know has putting off that much needed challenge for a long time.

June 2- National Bubba Day   A day to celebrate with and for any one named Bubba whether real or a nickname.  Give “Bubba” a much needed hug and enjoy the day.

June 3- Repeat Day  Today is the day to do something and then do it again.  Sounds great for those of us that really like doing certain things, but no so great for those of us that are known for repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

June 4- Hug your Cat Day  June is Adopt a Cat Month- so on this special day, go out and adopt a kitten or cat that so desperately needs a good home and if you already have a cuddly  furry cat in your home be sure to give it an extra hug on today, their special day.

June 5- World Environment Day  World Environment Day was created by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972. Today is the day to learn more about the world’s environment, global warming and what is happening worldwide to our oceans, rainforests, and natural resources. World Environment Day was created by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972.

June 6 –D Day   Commemorates the operation was the largest amphibious invasion in world history, with over 160,000 troops landing on 6 June 1944 when the allied forces landed in Normandy to defeat the German forces during World War II.

June 7 - Daniel Boone Day   Commenorates  the day Daniel Boone Daniel Boone First Saw the Woodlands of Present-Day Kentucky in 1769. He forged a trail that few people has seen before and it became known as the Wilderness Trail and paved the way for settlers in later years to continue their travels west.

June 8- World Oceans Day  World Oceans Day has been officially recognized by the United Nations since 2008.  It challenges people all over the world to look at our ocean resources and to encourage us to provide proper stewardship of these precious natural resources.

June 9- Donald Duck Day   Celebrate Donald Duck’s birthday of June 9, 1934
 although some say he was actually born March 13, 1934 but who knows.  So go out, quack yourself silly and enjoy the day.

June 10- Ice Tea Day  With the hot days of summer ahead, learn how to make a great ice tea (whether brewed or from the sun) and enjoy a cool relaxing drink under the canopy of a large shade tree.

June 11- Corn of the Cob Day  Nothing tastes better then corn on the cob fresh from the field.  Go ahead and enjoy and ear or two on this special day.

June 12-Red Rose Day  June is the month of roses and one of the most long standing popular roses is the red rose.  Give someone you love today a bright red rose and celebrate the day.

June 13-Sewing Machine Day  Today celebrates the invention of the sewing machine which has changed the way humans see fashion.  Who knows what we would be wearing today had it not been for this wonderful invention.  Loin cloth anyone?

June 14-Flag Day  Today is the day American show respect to the American flag and proudly display it as a symbol of pride, heritage and gratitude to live in the United States.

June 15-Nature Photography Day.  Today is the day we go out with our camera and observe nature through the lens and capture the beauty all around us. 

June 16- Fudge day.  The National Confectioners Association has set today aside to savor the rich, luscious fudge that so many of us enjoy.

June 17- Flip Flop Today.  Today is the day set aside, to kick off your shoes, enjoy the summer and wear a pair of flip flops.  It was set up by Tropical Smoothie Café, Inc. and sponsors a charity to help send kids to summer camp.

June 18-Go Fishing Day.  Grab your pole, worms and lures and head out to the nearest creek, river, stream, lake or ocean and spend the day trying to catch the big one.  There is not a better way to spend a day.

June 19-Father’s Day.  This is the day each year set aside to honor and celebrate our fathers, and grandfathers and all they do for us.  Go ahead and treat your favorite dad to the best day ever!

June 20-American Eagle Day Today is the day we celebrate the American Eagle, not only as a symbol of freedom but also for the magnificent bird it is.  Learn about them today and how to protect their habitat!

June 21-Summer Solstice  Today is the start of summer.  What more can be said.  Go out, get some fresh air and sunshine, it’s been a long winter and today is a day of celebration.

June 22- National Chocolate Eclair Day  Pies, Cakes, Ice Cream and Cookies all have their day so why not a Chocolate Éclair Day?  Pick yourself up one today and enjoy the gooey sweet taste of the éclair.

June 23-Let It Go Day   Summer is here, the cold grey winter is long gone so why not let your fears, troubles and resentment go away too?  Today, set yourself free and Let it Go – Today!

June 24- Swim a Lap Day  Well this month, you have had ice cream, and éclairs so now it is time to get in some exercise.  What better way than this summer that to go swimming.  Today is swim a lap day.  Good for your heart and good for you!

June 25-Great American Campout Day  There is nothing like camping out doors and enjoying some food and fun over a fire pit.  What not start this year with your very own backyard camp out?  After all you may just find a whole new way of enjoying your summer vacation.

June 26-Today is Beauticians Day.  Why not show some appreciation to the folks who make you look sooo good at a moment’s notice.  These hard working individuals have a talent that helps us all shine and look our best!

June 27-Sun Glasses Day  Our eyes are the windows to our world.  Make sure you protect them from the sun.  Take a moment, schedule an eye exam and get yourself fitted for some great specs to protect your beautiful and precious eyes.

June 28-Paul Bunyan Day  Paul Bunyan was a great lumberjack from American folklore.  He was a woodsmen, a logger and a carver of lakes.  Learn more about this mythic man and at the same time learn a little bit more about American geography.

June 29-Camera Day  Get out your camera, say cheese and start snapping.  What a great way to enjoy and capture your surroundings.

June 30 -Meteor Day  Go out and watch the night sky and look for meteors and enjoy them streaking across the dark sky racing off to places unknown.