baby feet (27000)

Before you know it, your baby will be taking his or her first steps towards the future. Slightly off balance, needing plenty of assistance and falling down too many times to count, it will be an interesting journey for you and your child. Although those first steps may be a long way away, you can still celebrate them today with these unique baby shower themes that focus on the feet.


Baby's feet are so precious. Used as the focal point of your theme and decor, your baby shower will be charming indeed. Take it one step further and choose a specific message you'd like to convey. It will serve as inspiration for coordinating all the aspects of your shower. Here are a few ideas:

  • First Steps (Celebrating baby's first steps to come.)
  • Big Shoes To Fill (Your baby will surely have big dreams of being just like Mom and Dad. This theme is a great way to tie in your career or a hobby that baby can emulate.)
  • Footprints: Walking In His Footsteps (A wonderful inspirational shower idea, this theme celebrates the path and plan God has for your baby's life.)
  • A Step In The Right Direction Shoe Shower (Over the years, those tiny little feet will need lots of pairs of shoes. Have guests bring booties, socks, slippers, etc. in a variety of sizes to get baby's first steps off to a great start and keep baby stepping in the right direction.)


From crazy fun clip art to precious photos, there's no shortage of designs with the footprint theme. Celebrating 10 tiny toes, you can choose from a preprinted design, enhance an existing one or create one totally from scratch. Invitations are an excellent way to let your creativity shine. Here are a few examples to inspire you.

baby footprint invitation2baby footprint invitation3baby footprint invitationbaby footprint invitation4


There's probably no woman alive who wouldn't love to have a mini pedicure or foot massage at the shower. It's a great way for them to relax and continue the theme. As far as games, how about a game of Pick-up Sticks with your toes or creating a hopscotch course?! Challenging to say the least, it's sure to be a lot of fun. Another game you can play is called "Draw a Foot." Although it doesn't sound too difficult, the trick is drawing the foot while the piece of paper is on top of your head in one minute. Because you can't see what you're doing, the artwork is hilarious. May the best foot win! Of course, you could always play a little foot trivia. How well do we really know our feet, anyway?! Matching games are always fun at baby showers. So, see which guest can match the most socks the fastest while sorting through a pile of mismatched baby socks. Use similar colors and different textures to make this matching game a real challenge.

Prizes afootprint cookie cutter favornd Favors

Focus on the feet with pedicure sets, foot scrubs and nail polish. Cookie cutters shaped like little baby feet also make fun baby shower favors that can be used as prizes. For some edible treat ideas, try chocolate baby feet or shaped lollipops. In addition to being great prizes, they can also be placed in a jar or vase to create a fun baby shower centerpiece.


Go ahead andbaby footprint cake2 bake up a batch of cookies shaped like baby feet for the dessert table. If they're oversized, there will be plenty of room for personalization. You can also use the shaped cookie cutter to cut out your sandwiches or meats and cheeses on a deli tray in the shape of a baby's foot. A footprint cake is an excellent way to accent the theme, as well. Whether it's shaped like a baby's foot or just has the footprints in the design, guests will almost hear the pitter patter of little feet just looking at it.

baby footprint cake3baby footprint cookie favorbaby footprint cupcake


There's an abundance of footprint baby shower decorations available online and in party stores. From the streamers and balloons to the tableware, it's easy to have tiny little feet "walking" all over the place. Sprinkle baby feet confetti all over the tables for a festive touch.