father's dayCredit: Jim, the Photographer (http://www.flickr.com/photos/jcapaldi/) Used under creative commons license

While there are lots of gift ideas for Father’s day, it’s just so hard to find the perfect one for daddy. Chances are you have already given your dad everything that you could think of (ties, shirts, shoes, tools, money clips, etc.) which means you no longer now what to give him for this year.

When one thinks of unique gifts for Father’s day, the usual things that come to mind are those DIY arts and crafts kits and merchandise personalized with “World’s Greatest Dad” prints. However, these gifts were not on the list when you ask most dads what they want for Father’s Day.

On this very special day, don’t just buy something from the gift shop. Give him something ‘extra’ special, such as:

Cook for him or cook his favorite dish together

Whatever he enjoys the most, spoil him – whether it’s having a little barbeque party in your backyard, breakfast in bed or a dinner at a fine-dining restaurant. Father’s Day only happens once a year so make sure to take some time to pamper your father. This is especially important if you are always busy with work and you hardly have time to visit your father.

Just have a relaxing time with daddy

Fathers rarely have the time to relax because of their demanding jobs. Most of them just want to take a day off and have a break. On this special day, why don’t you let him do just that – spend the whole day with your dad relaxing. You can watch your favorite movie, read, play a game or go fishing. The idea is to enjoy the day without thinking of anything but relaxation.

Write a letter

This is probably the perfect Father’s Day gift that you can give to your father, especially if he is the sentimental type of a daddy. A letter from the heart can definitely make your dad smile (or cry). Tell him everything that you have always wanted to say to him – thank him for all that he has done, apologize for your mistakes. Let him know how special he is in your life.

Finish a task for your dad

Your father will truly appreciate a helping hand. This way, you will be able to make things easier for him. You can mow the yard, organize his tool box, do the gardening, or the garage. If he’s been planning to de-clutter his desk or his entire office but never got around with it, volunteer to do the chore. Another great idea is to surprise him by cleaning his car before going to work.

Take advantage of coupons/gift certificates

This may take be a long process but the gesture will make your daddy smile for a year. There are different types of coupons for your dad such as those that can let him create his favorite meal; a free a day at a spa, free movie tickets or gift certificate from his favorite wine shop.

Grant his wish

If your father has been wishing to go out of town, watch his favorite concert band or visit his old friends, be his genie and make his wish come true. Ask your dad beforehand so that you’ll have enough time for his big surprise.

Let him have his day off – from everything

Though they may not admit it, most fathers (if not all) are longing for peace and quiet. This is especially true for those who have little kids at home. On Father’s day, let him do his thing and just leave him alone. Sometimes, all they need is alone time to reflect and to relax. If your dad wanted more time for sleep, grant it.

You may not have that ‘perfect’ relationship with your father but remember that you will not be the person you are now if not for his unconditional love and support. There may be times when you resent him because he’s strict and all but note that it is a father’s duty to make sure that you are going to the right direction. Father’s Day is a great opportunity for you to appreciate him, say thanks and say sorry for all your shortcomings.