Situated at the southern point of Peninsula of Sinai, Egypt, Sharm-El-Sheikh is indeed the best place to visit on Egypt. It is placed precisely between the well known Mount Sinai and the Red Sea. Those two historical places are very much lovable for those who wish to have religious trips or just have memorable holidays.

Easily accessible from the international airport with the same name, Sharm-El-Sheikh is indeed one of the most well known as well as elegant destinations for tourists. Tourist attractions are numerous though you must prepare lots of dollars to spend to enjoy a true unforgettable holiday. Try to enjoy Na’ama Bay. This is becoming the most visited place in Sharm-El-Sheikh. Live entertainment, various activities as well as dining places and bars are there to pamper visitors. Shopaholics will also find paradise in some department stores and other markets offering lots of high quality fabrics which are extraordinary. Find also handmade goods made by natives like jewelry, embroidered bags, and other unique pottery.

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Don’t forget to stop by at Sinai Desert as well as Om El Seed Hill. It has an incredible beach with wonderful sea reefs. They are perfect for swimming and doing lots of water activities. Surely the best time to visit this place is during summer. Sharm-El-Sheikh has very dry climate for the whole year with temperature ranges from 80F high to 69 F low. This place stands out because of its remarkable beaches which boast beautiful sand hampering along. The warm climate interests tourists mostly from western countries who have four seasons. The scenery of the enchanting sea really attracts lots of visitors which can bring out great memories.

Not only the beach which becomes the main magnitude of Sharm El Sheikh. It also boasts for more than thousands of various fish species which are colorful. Coral reefs are the wonderful things which become the main attraction as they are varied in colors and kinds. Nothing can beat their beauty. This is the main destination for divers who wish to have incredible challenges on diving adventure. Besides, lots of tourists will enjoy having several sorts of water sports.

Other divers’ paradise is the underwater National Park. Ras Mohammed is the main destination for advanced divers who wish to have great view of incredible reefs. If you happen to like snorkeling, then you can visit The Red Sea. Though it is not merely for snorkeling and diving, the Red Sea is also the best view for having boat trips as you can enjoy the various marine lives.

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Never miss a holiday in Egypt without visiting religious historical site, Mt. Saint Catherine Monastery. Established in 542 AD, this place was where Moses had the miracles. After visiting this enchanting place, make sure you stop by at Colored Canyons. This is not less remarkable and it will make you in awe.

The last but not least, enjoy your night life in this lively city. You can choose numerous dining places, night clubs and bars to enjoy. Besides, this city is alive for day and night so never miss the chance. Several of hotels are there to stay. From the most affordable ones to the high sky rates. Choices are all yours.