Here is a Fun Girl Scout Founder's Day Meeting Idea for Daisies, Brownies and Older Scouts

On October 31st each year, thousands of Girl Scouts celebrate Juliette Gordon Low and Girl Scout Founders Day. Juliette Gordon Low, who founded of the Girl Scouts of America in 1912, was born on Halloween in 1860.

In order to celebrate the life of Juliette Gordon Low and Girl Scout Founders Day with my Daisy troop, I took out a children's biography of Ms. Low from the library and read it at home. I put sticky notes on the relevant parts that would be of interest to the girls, like her nickname being "Daisy" and how she became deaf in one ear (a freak accident involving a grain of rice on her wedding day). I also emailed all of the girls' mothers to have them bring one empty toilet paper tube for the craft (as leader, be sure to bring a few extra, just in case!).

Celebrating Juliette Gordon Low and Girl Scout Founder's DayCredit:

                                     See page for author [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I started the meeting by asking them if they knew anything about Ms. Low. No one did, so I read the portions of the book and showed them all of the pictures. After I was done, I passed out the American Sign Language chart and taught the girls how to sign the name "Daisy". We did each letter and my volunteers helped the girls form the letters if any girl needed it. 

Then I had the girls sign their own name.

For the craft, I was inspired by this idea. I purchased candy and red ribbon atRecycle craft 75% off during the after-Christmas sales. I used tissue paper instead of wrapping paper because it worked better on the paper roll and my troop could decorate it. All tissue paper and ribbon were cut before the meeting.

After each child got her roll, the moms helped pass out equal amounts of candy to each girl and they placed them in the tube. Then they rolled the tissue paper on and the moms taped the sides down. The girls twisted the ends and tied the

ribbon using two knots (bows were too hard).

Then the children used Sharpies to decorate the outside. Be sure to have the girls roll up their sleeves so they do not get  permanent marker not heir clothing.

This craft can be used for the Courageous and Strong red Daisy petal.

Juniors and Senior scouts can use this Girl Scouts Founder's Day craft for a community service project. They can create these in bulk to make party favors for a younger sister troop or to give as gifts for senior citizens.  It is a fun way to celebrate Juliette's life.

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