Celebrating Your Love this ValentineCredit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/neloqua/389787755

Another Valentine’s Day is around the corner and lovers would be struggling to celebrate their love like other people. It’s really a good idea to celebrate your love but a greater idea is to save money while celebrating your love. This forms the thrust of this article in which I want to discuss 15 ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day on a budget.

For starters, my husband and I are both practical and don’t believe in wasting resources in the name of celebrating love. If you’re like us, we’re saying there’s no problem, with observing the day but put yourself on a budget. There’s no need to spend on a gourmet dinner if you cannot afford it (what with the huge influx of people you have to contend with at the restaurant?). You can have a nice home-made dinner alone, in your home, at the park, wherever.

Below, I discuss 15 ways to celebrate Valentine without spending much money.

  • Give each other a massage and have a warm bubble bath together.
  • The written word is powerful; employ it by writing each other a love letter, expressing gratitude, your feelings and appreciation. You can even turn this into a list of reasons why you love your partner. This strengthens the bond between you as a couple and makes your partner feel more special than any expensive gift would. If you’re a woman, you could also surprise your spouse by tucking a note (telling him how much he means to you) in his brief case or lunch pack.
  • Give a personalized gift. These are inexpensive to make and can range from a coffee mug embossed with a picture of the two of you, a key chain, or even crystal. Your partner would appreciate it and even show if off. You can also buy a small but meaningful gift like a book by your lover’s favourite author, favourite magazine or even CD.
  • Fix yourselves a romantic candle-lit dinner. Set a table for just the two of you and avoid the hustle and bustle reminiscent of restaurants at this period. After the dinner, have a heart-to-heart talk with your spouse and renew your vows to each other. I tell you, this can create unforgettable memories than a dinner at the most expensive restaurant in town.
  • Send your lover a youtube video link of a love song he (or she) loves or that you would like him (or her) to hear.
  • Celebrate Valentine’s day before the D-day. This is to avoid rush and the incredibly high costs attached to buying flowers, gifts, etc. Celebrating a week or two days before would bring your costs down significantly.
  • Call the radio station and dedicate a song to your loved one. Record the song while playing and play it for your loved one over your candle lit dinner.
  • Take on a house chore. If you’re the type that hates a particular house chore, just take it upon yourself to do while your spouse is away to work. This will bring the surprise factor and add more zest and life to your celebration. You can even give your spouse a day off (to relax and recharge) while you take charge of the chores around the house. It’s a great way to show love by doing things for your partner. And I don’t think buying a gift can bring the same feeling that this would bring.
  • Rent a movie and watch indoors with your spouse. Don’t forget to get some pop corn and candles for a more intimate setting.
  • If your lover appreciates flowers, buy a single rose (as the price of flowers is usually inflated during Valentine’s day) or buy your own flowers and arrange them the way you want instead of ordering like many people.
  • You can also give your loved one a home-made coupon book full of things your partner would appreciate like a romantic foot rub, early morning massage, special dinner cooked by you, laundry and dry cleaning, etc. Be creative with these coupons and follow through with all the chores you choose!
  • Give a home-made card. Hallmark estimates that 152 million valentine cards are sent across the country every year. Even though the economic recession has brought down the figure, a huge amount of money is still being spent on greeting cards but I’m here to tell you that you can make a card which will contain what you truly feel for your partner. It would be appreciated more because it’s personalized, straight-from-the-heart and full of meaning.
  • All these ideas work for me because I’m an indoor person but if you’re an outdoor person, you can still plan an outdoor event that will not cost much, like a stroll in the park under the moonlight. You could also spend a day at the beach; for a more romantic touch, pack a blanket, some wine and candles and have a picnic.
  • Relieve your first date. Where was it? What were you wearing? What did you eat? How did you meet? Just sit together, enjoy your company and go down memory lane. You can even take a trip to your first meeting place, if it’s not far and your budget can support it.
  • If there’s any cause for you to eat out, you can save money by sharing your meals together. This includes sharing appetizers, entrees and desserts. Pay attention to specials, for example, two can dine for $50. It’s a good way to cut down on your spending.

Conclusion and Action TakeAway

Valentine’s day is meant to show our love to the people in our lives and not to incur debt. All I’m saying in this article is you don’t have to break the bank to show your loved ones how special they are. Actions and words can convey your heartfelt feelings better than the most expensive gift in the world. Being creative in your Valentine’s Day plans will not only save you money but will afford you the opportunity of showing a side of you that your partner may not know prior to that time (the caring part of you by doing somethings you’ve not been doing before). Instead of bothering about not being able to buy an expensive gift for your spouse, try to use this year's valentine to connect more with your loved ones. I wish you the best as you do so.