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Being alone on Valentine’s Day can make individuals dread the holiday. This article will provide ideas for Valentine’s Day for those who are alone.

Holidays are difficult for many people, especially those who are alone. Christmas and New Years Eve are over and, fast approaching, is the next holiday that may be difficult for lonely people, Valentine’s Day. People either really love or really hate the holiday. Reasons can be as varied as the people themselves. Often those who hate Valentine’s Day do so because they are alone. On the other hand, there are people, women in particular, who are alone and still love Valentine’s Day. Such people are at a loss for an enjoyable way to celebrate the day if they have no significant other in their lives.

Valentine’s Day Alone for Those Who Hate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day haters detest the holiday of romance, and they don’t welcome the feelings of depression, disappointment, stress, and guilt that they feel on that day. They may hate it because they are alone, or they may hate it because they view it as a mere marketing device of the greeting card companies, as well as jewelry stores and other types of stores that promote special gifts for that special person on that special day. 

Haters of Valentine’s Day, however, can take heart – pun intended. There are ways to observe the day with the appropriate animosity that ant-Valentine’s Day people feel. Soaking in a bubble bath while listening to love-hating types of songs is one good way to observe the day. Here are some appropriate selections to fuel anti-Valentine and anti-romance sentiment:

  •  Alanis Morrissestte’s “You Oughta Know”
  •  Dixie Chix’ “Hole in My Head”
  •  Michael Buble’s “Down with Love”
  •  Kelly Clarkson’s “The Trouble with Love Is”
  •  Nazareth’s  “Love Hurts”
  •  Def Leppard’s “Love Bites”
  • “Love Stinks” by the J.Geils Band. 

In addition, enjoying a stiff cocktail or some other alcoholic beverage while soaking, such as a scotch on the rocks or a frosted mug of Yuengling Black and Tan, appropriately helps to punctuate the mood. – No candles or romantic drinks, such as champagne or wine!

Haters of the romantic holiday could also opt for a trip to the gym for a bout of kick boxing or a workout on the punching bag. A big paper heart attached to the punching bag or a picture of an ex lover would be quite therapeutic for Valentine’s Day haters. The same effect can be accomplished by staying home and throwing darts at a paper heart or the photo of an ex. In addition, tons of fun can be had by putting old love letters or photos of ex lovers through the paper shredder or burning them.

Finally, the anti-Valentine’s Day crowd should recognize and verbalize to others, at every given opportunity, that Valentine's Day is a ploy of greeting card companies to boost post-Christmas sales. Bursting the bubble of the holiday romanticists can be decadently liberating on such a day.

Ideas for Those Alone on Valentine’s Day but Love the Holiday

Those alone on Valentine’s Day can celebrate the day by indulging in a luxurious spa treatment or massage. This could be followed by a gourmet dinner in a favorite restaurant – with a friend or even alone. Those alone on Valentine’s Day could also choose to stay home and indulge in comfort food and watch favorite romantic movies. “When Harry Met Sally” comes to mind as a good choice, as does the classic, “Casablanca”.

There are many men and women who love the holiday but are lacking a significant other with whom to share the day. As the Beatles musically stated, “All You Need is Love”.  Anyone capable of love can share that love on Valentine’s Day or any day. The love doesn’t necessarily have to be directed at a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. Friendship is a form of love. Those without significant others can share the day with a good friend.

Those alone on Valentine’s Day can demonstrate their love by being kind to animals. Adopt a homeless kitten or puppy. Animals need love too. Senior citizens, particularly those in nursing homes, relish love and attention. Those looking for a way to share love on Valentine’s Day could visit the elderly in a nursing home and take them flowers and candy to wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day.

Finally, those alone on Valentine’s Day need to do some attitude adjustment. There is no shame in being alone. Unless there is a twin involved, everyone comes into the world alone and, in most cases, leaves the world alone. Singles should learn to celebrate themselves. Valentine’s Day loners can send themselves flowers and candy or go on a shopping spree for themselves on February 14th. After all, as Shakespeare penned, “To Thine Own Self Be True”.