Valentine's Day with friends

Valentine’s Day generally is supposed to be a day for couples to cherish their love and affection for each other. However, every year there will always be a few who will not be romantically involved or in a relationship when Valentine’s Day rolls around. They may get gripped by a sudden feeling of loneliness and ache for companionship, especially when all the other couples around them start parading and showcasing their love all the more, as Valentine’s Day approaches.

One may not be romantically involved but it does not necessary preclude having a memorable Valentine’s Day. Being single does not necessarily mean you have to spend the entire day alone all by yourself. There are a great many things you can do; spending Valentine’s Day with your friend is one of them. Some people will obviously snigger at such a suggestion and feel it is a pathetic alternative, but spending this day with your friend is actually a wonderful way to alleviate feelings of solitude that one may experience by the virtue of being single. There is a host of activities that you and your friend can enjoy together. This article tries to explore some of them.

Catching a movie with your friends is actually a wonderful way to spend Valentine’s Day. You may rent a bunch of movies or hit the theatres together. Couples generally tend to shy away from movies on this particular day, so one does not have to worry about shows being sold off or standing in large queues. Even if couples opt for a movie on Valentine’s Day, conventional wisdom suggests that most of them will be lining up to watch the latest romantic flicks. So to avoid the herd you and your friend can go for a different genre movie, be it science fiction or a thriller.

Getting all dressed and going for bowling is another fun way to spend the Valentine’s Day. Bowling again is another activity that couples tend to avoid on Valentine’s Day. Bowling can actually be a lot of fun and you may spruce it up by hitting the local bowling alley dressed up in your prom attire. The idea may appear outlandish but if done in the right spirit one will definitely end up having a lot of fun. One may also choose a specific theme like the 50’s and the 80’s, to dress up for bowling outing.

Couples generally go for candle lit romantic dinners on this day. Being single still means one has to eat one Valentine’s Day. So if you were planning to check out any restaurant, why not do this on Valentine’s Day? But be sure to reserve your seats well in advance as going out for dinner is the most common thing that couples do on this day.

One may also choose to spend the day by spreading love and cheer, by volunteering for charity work for the homeless. This is one activity that one will really enjoy doing with a friend. Generally there is a dearth of volunteers at this time of the year as people generally tend to reserve this day for their own enjoyment. So even though you will see a lot of volunteers during Christmas or Thanksgiving, during Valentine’s Day the scenario is starkly different. So you and your friend can spend the entire day serving dinner to those who are in real need. The feeling of making a difference in someone else’s life will supersede any other feeling.

Being single on Valentine’s definitely does not mean you cannot enjoy this day. Instead of brooding about your miserable single life, call up your friend and have a blast on Valentine’s Day.