All good things must come to an end eventually and sad but true, life is no exception. Dealing with the sorrows of death is no doubt different for everyone. Some withdraw from the reality while others deal with it head on. It is more than difficult to lose a loved one, and for those of a religious faith, sometimes the dealing process is easier, due to they find comfort in scripture and in the love of their higher being. Some believe that once someone has passed on, that is it, while others believe that after someone's life on earth is finished, that person continues to live. No matter what it is you believe though, it is important to celebrate the life of your loved one and to be thankful that you got to spend the time you had with that person at all.

Memorial Day is a holiday celebrated by many, but sadly, the meaning of Memorial Day has gotten lost in the mix of cookouts and three day weekends. Most, on the holiday go to the graves of their late loved ones and decorate with flowers or what not, and while there is nothing wrong with that, the true meaning of Memorial Day is to remember our fallen men and women of the armed forces. Many not only use Memorial Day to celebrate, but also the forth of July. It is on these holidays that we look back and remember the good times we had with our service members during their time here on earth. We celebrate their willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice for the well being of our nation and its citizens.

Not just on the holidays though, is it that we remember the lives of our loved ones lost in battle, but all of our fallen heroes whether their lives were lost in battle or not. With every freedom, every law, every liberty we look back and realize that someone had fought for our freedoms and are still fighting today, not just overseas in a war zone, but here stateside as well. While many protest military funerals, it is the very person's funeral they are protesting that has allowed them that right to hold up the signs and campaign against them. The men and women of our military are not only characters of the best qualities, they are characters of respect, and they should be respected even after their life has been taken. It is because of their leadership, bravery, courage and trust among many other defining qualities that the freedoms they fought and died for not only today, but throughout the course of our nation's history, we too often take for granted.

At the funerals of our late military heroes, the spouse and or family members receive a flag, a flag that is folded with thirteen meaningful folds. This flag is then placed into a flag case that in some cases, have a medal plate in which can later be engraved. Not only when we look at the memorial flags displayed in cases, but when we look at the flags throughout our cities and towns flying high, waving in the wind, we remember our veterans that have fought so selflessly to defend this land and we take a moment to ourselves to remember them. If it were not for our fallen heroes, we wouldn't enjoy the freedoms we do today.

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