Lifestyle Of The Rich And The Troubled

In the USA we have an extreme obsession with our celebrities. In the UK, the Royal family is their royalty but in the US, its our celebrities.

Everyday there is a new story about a troubled celebrity on drugs or on trial, and for what? No matter what actors and actresses tell you about how hard it is to do what they do, they have absolutely no problems. Once one is famous, their set for life with either royalty checks or endorsements and many still manage to screw things up.

Most recently, Marc Anthony was in debt with the IRS for over $3 million, and remember that this guy received $6 million for a photoshoot with his wife and kids. He can't manage to pay his taxes? 

I think that many celebrities like the attention whether its good or bad. They need the constant attention to function, and will try and get the celebrity gossip blogs to write about them non-stop. Publicists have even suggested that their famous clients do something just to get in the news. 

The other side of all this is the celebrities point of view. They continue to try and convince the public that what they do actually takes skill. I'm not talking about musicians, but some of the actors and actresses out their are not better than you and me. They literally read for a living, and complain about how tough their lives are. There is no denying the fact that many actors and actresses are extremely talented, but have you noticed that those are usually the ones who don't cause trouble and don't constantly need attention? 

There is another side of Hollywood that is equally strange, and thats the "weirdos". Many very wealthy celebrities have adapted very strange religious beliefs, for example Scientology. If you have no idea what Scientology is, here is a brief description. Scientologists beleive that aliens that came from space years ago all died in a volcano, and although their bodies dies their spirits lived on. They beleive that through shock therapy, and paying to get to the "next level", they will one day be able to capture those spirits and live freely. That all may seem like a joke or something from a childrens comic book, but its true. Celebrities like John Travolta, Tom Cruise, and Ellen DeGenerous are all Scientologists. Pretty strange isn't it?

The end result is that America's youth is learning the wrong things from their idols. There are still many good people displaying good morals with their work, but these are few and far between. Kids like to watch people on MTV getting drunk, being crazy, and getting arrested and the TV networks are cashing in big time. What do you think? Do you think celebrities love the attention whether it is good or bad?