Have you watched any of the latest red carpet events? Do you approve everything that's happening on these events? Don't you think that some of the people on the red carpet dress and act a little ridiculously? Some of them are quite scandalous, do they deserve to be on the red carpet at all? Should such people be called celebrities? I don't think so.

In the last few years famous people are getting more and more scandalous and demonstrate it in a very ugly way. They try to attract more attention and gain more popularity, but all they achieve to do is to make people like me angry. Their behaviour is absolutely inappropriate for public forums. After all, most of them have teenage and even younger fans, who adore them and act like them.

I'm about to present you a list of "celebrities", who don't deserve to be called such and who don't deserve to be on the red carpet:

I will start with Eva Longoria, who totally failed on this year's Cannes festival. It is not a secret that the actress wears underwear very rarely, but did she have to go on this public event without lingerie? I mean, you saw what happened, the whole world saw her genitals, because she didn't have panties and because she wasn't careful when pulling her dress up. Imagine what's in the heads of her teenage fans, who want to be like her. Most of them probably don't wear underwear any more, and some might even try to become famous by showing their naked bodies in public and on the Internet. I think Eva Longoria has to be banned from red carpet events.

Charlie Sheen is another person who often scandalises society. He is famous for some of his roles, but the young generation remembers him mostly with his junkie experience. He is one of the most scandalous people in Hollywood and in the world, and he appears everywhere like he is the greatest. Well, you might be a good actor, Charlie, but you should give some good example to your youngest fans and act like a normal person in public. He shouldn't be invited to public forums as well, because lots of young boys want to drink alcohol, use drugs, and support prostitution with their parents' money just to be like him.

Lindsay Lohan was a very cute girl when she first appeared on the big screen. But once fame grabbed her, she became nothing more than another Hollywood drug addict. She is one of the most shameful actresses in Hollywood. She has failed not once or twice, she is one big failure. After a consecution of public exposures and a few trials against her, she is still the same. Even Charlie Sheen wanted to help her and lent her money, but she obviously doesn't want to change. She is one big disappointment and surely doesn't deserve to step on the red carpet.

Justin Bieber. This guy has lots of fans all around the world. And lots of haters, too. I don't know why he doesn't try to earn more fans, instead of making more people dislike him. His personality is quite disreputable, especially in some countries like England. I mean, you saw what happened when he was in the UK, right. The crowd totally wanted to kick his behind, and instead of trying to gain their respect, he decided to act like a tough guy and started offending them. Such a person does not deserve his fans, glory and, of course, to be on the red carpet. Bieber was included in various other scandals as well, but his attitude at and after his concert in England were the peak of his stupidity.

There probably are more people like these "celebrities" above, but I can't think of their names right now. I guess they don't deserve to be remembered. They don't deserve to get on the red carpet either. All they deserve is to clean the red carpet. Nothing more. They shouldn't even possess such an item at home. They have to be made to rub and scrub the flooring just like professional carpet cleaners but without the professional equipment. They should work with bare hands, so to learn how money is really earned. The money of their fans, that they spend for drugs, alcohol and expensive clothes.