Stars who have been sentenced to Anger Management

Celebrity run-ins with the law are nothing new to Hollywood. Over the years the frequency of celebrities behaving badly has increased leading to more and more celebrity mug shots, more celebrity convictions and more celebrities serving jail time. Celebrities such as UFC fighter Allistar Overeem, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans, and actor Sean Penn have found themselves having to answer to a judge after violent altercations left them facing criminal charges. In the case of each of these celebrities part of their sentencing included court ordered anger management classes.


In 2012 UFC heavyweight Allistair “The Reem” Overeem, who is usually applauded when he gets violent with other people was charged with a misdemeanor battery. The charges resulted from an incident that occurred at a casino in Las, Vegas Nevada in which “The Reem” allegedly got violent with a female casino patron. Although an arrest was not made on the scene, charges were filed. Overeem was faced with jail time and a fine but waived his right to a trial. He was subsequently ordered to serve 50 hours of community service and to attend anger-management counseling.


Since appearing on the MTV reality show 16 & Pregnant teen mom Jenelle Evans has found herself in a steady stream of trouble including drug charges and a heated custody battle with her mom. In March 2011 Janelle got into a backyard brawl with former friend and roommate Brittany Truett. The fight, which was video taped resulted in Janelle ordered to attend anger management classes and complete 24 hours of community service as part of a 12 month supervised probation. Incidentally,  Evans was already on probation for drug charges that she had racked up earlier that year. Since completing her court ordered classes Janelle hasn't completely free of legal drama but she has been getting in less trouble.


In 2009 a paparazzo filed battery charges against actor Sean after Penn reportedly kicked and hit the photog after first breaking his camera in an altercation that was caught on camera by another photog. Penn was charged with misdemeanor vandalism and battery as a result of the run in, which could have landed the actor in the slammer for a year and a half but when the case went to court in 2010 Penn ended up pleading no contest to the charge of vandalism. The battery charge was thrown out. Subsequently, Penn was put on probation for 36 months and ordered to perform 300 hours of community service and to attend 36 hours of anger management therapy. Since being sentenced to anger management Sean Penn has managed to avoid any further run ins with the paparazzi.


Only time will tell how much of an effect court ordered anger management classes will have on its celebrity enrollees. I have no doubt that by time you finish reading this article yet another celebrity will have preformed yet another bad act worthy of a court appearance. Although each of these celebrities mentioned here have taken completely different paths to stardom they have all become alumni of court ordered anger management classes. Who will be next?