We always look to celebrities to see what trends are being set and this is true for sunglasses styles also. There are some celebrities that are known for being on the top of sunglass trend list. Since sunglasses are those go-to accessories that add personality and style to any wardrobe, we tend to pay close attention to these celebrities to find out which sunglass styles are in today. Here are some celebrities that are constantly setting the trend in sunglass styles:

Men's Styles

The Modern Rock Star: Bono

Bono is constantly setting a trend with his rock star style of sunglasses that he is seen wearing pretty much everywhere he goes. Even on stage, Bono is usually rocking a very European style of sunglasses that have a wrap-around look in a variety of colors. His sunglasses are what has made his look iconic in the music industry.

The Cool Guy: Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt could really wear just about anything and would still look sexy. His style in general is cool and collective like nothing in life bothers him and his choice in sunglasses adds to his general demeanor. You can usually find him sporting San Diego Smith sunglasses or an aviator style pair of sunglasses that makes him look cool and relaxed.

Women's Styles

The Flirt: Paris Hilton

When people think of a celebrity wearing sunglasses, Paris Hilton is usually one of the first names that come to mind, and when Paris Hilton has a new pair of shade, people take note since she is always one who sets the trends in sunglasses. Her choice in sunglasses is usually playful and flirty and though she definitely brings a ton of sexy, her sunglasses have that innocent girl-next-door look and her choice in colors, shapes, and sizes tells the world that she knows how to enjoy life.

The Classic: Victoria Beckham

When Victoria Beckham walks down the street she emits a sense of class and style. She is often seen with a very classic pair of sunglasses that complements her poise and grace. Though she is usually seen in a classic black or brown, she wears a variety of different shapes and sizes that have been known to set a trend.

The Hip Hop Chick: Fergie (Stacy Ferguson)

As the queen of hip hop, Fergie is usually seen with a very youthful style and her sunglasses are always fun and trendsetting. She usually sports a pair of sunglasses that have an edgy look. One of the trendier styles she is seen around town in is one that has an ultramodern, sleek boxy design which looks almost futuristic.