Star Smokers

In the United States, 25 million men and 21 million women are smokers according to the American Heart Association. Smoking causes more than 5 million deaths per year worldwide. Here are some well known smokers who have quit and how they did it.

 Celebrities who Quit Smoking(120294)

Jennifer Aniston was a heavy smoker for many years including throughout the ‘Friends’ series. After many attempts to quit she finally kicked the habit in 2007 after an intense detox. She also used exercise and in particular yoga to help curb the smoking urges.




Celebrities who Quit Smoking Barack Obama was a chain smoker for 30 years until finally kicking the habit a year into his first term as President. He used nicotine replacement therapy to reduce and manage his addiction.





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Charlize Theron turned to cigarettes to deal with stress and smoked up to three packs a day at one point. She quit using hypnosis and now does yoga and pilates to handle stress.




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Matt Damon smoked for 20 years before ridding himself of nicotine using the hypnosis method and reaching a new understanding of the harmful effects of smoking.







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Katherine Heigl tried nicotine patches, nicotine gum and prescription medication with no success. She turned to an electronic cigarette, which contains a small amount of liquid nicotine. These electronic cigarettes can be used indoors due to the fact that you only exhale water vapour.






Celebrities who Quit Smoking(120292)Ashton Kutcher quit smoking after reading the popular book The Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr in 2006. The book combines hypnotherapy techniques with psychotherapy.









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Christy Turlington started smoking at the age of 13 and was diagnosed with early stage emphasema at 31. She tried many methods to help her quit including accupuncture, nictotine patches and hypnosis but eventually quit her pack a day habit in 1995 by going cold turkey.



These celebrities who quit smoking all used different techniques. If you are one of the 46 million Americans who smoke I hope you find the right cure for you.