Are there the famous people with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder?

Do celebrities get affected by ADD or ADHD?

Whether or not it is any consolation to you, then the answer is Yes.

There are plenty of famous people with ADHD or ADD and of course, if you like to know their names, you will see them here coupled with what the famous people with ADD or ADHD have to say about this problem.

What exactly is Attention Deficit Disorder?
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is about children exhibiting symptoms of non-attentiveness, hyper active,  non-focused and impulsiveness. Nevertheless, this condition is not limited to just children. The fact is the studies have shown that about 10 million people have Attention Deficit Disorder and what's most critical is to be aware that 80 percent of kids and toddlers who display signs or symptoms in their young age, develop into adults with ADD or ADHD.

This also is applicable even for the celebs who may well have exhibited symptoms in his or her childhood but unfortunately since it may not be detected or dealt with then in time, they become known as celebrities with ADHD.

Which are the main indications of Adult Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?

The adults having Attention deficit disorder will certainly have the symptom of generally being not organised.  They are inclined to put back tasks or normally procrastinate simply because they cannot be organized. This can result in being forgetful and would affect their entire way of living in addition to affecting their occupations.

What is even worse is that often their relationships also are likely to suffer because of this disorder.

But help is obtainable. And the same celebs who've had huge issues managing ADHD had this to say about their disorder:

Comedian and actor Jim Carrey has not been restless only in the movies. He was also restless and fidgety growing up.  He acknowledges that when in school, he would always completely finish his assignments rather quickly and after that would disrupt and disturb the other students in the class.

While no treatment for ADHD is available to cure it permanently, there is always the possibility of controlling the symptoms.

Carrey did take the treatment for ADHD but he converted his concern and challenge into opportunity and used his disorder to his advantage in his acting career.  Because of his creativity and energy level, he became legendary for these particular attributes and produced his unheard of achievements as a comedian, unique and creative.

Do you want some other celebrities with ADHD, who is not from the acting business, perhaps than take notice of what Olympic medalist Michael Phelps has to say. He is am athlete with ADHD with a slight difference. He was recognised with ADD as early as nine years old. He was given treatment including medication which aided him up to a point. However, being always with such high levels of energy, he diverted it to obtain excellence in the sport he loved most which was swimming.

The advice is the fact that from list of celebrities with ADHD have used this disorder in a really efficient way. They had been given a set plan to do the project they liked and which asked for the energy level they possessed. Youngsters, especially, will really feel good when he or she are rewarded for a set behavior which is perceived as a good behavior bringing about outstanding successes as it came about in the case of Olympic medalist Michael Phelps.