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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is an anxiety disorder where sufferers have nagging thoughts that force them to repeat actions to try to reduce the uneasiness they are feeling. Most OCD sufferers are aware of their obsessions and know that they are irrational.

Celebrities with Ocd(120308)


                                                    Here are some celebrities with OCD.


 Celebrities with Ocd(120303)Soccer hottie David Beckham is obsessive about straight lines, pairs and ensuring everything is organised. He apparently can spend hours straightening furniture, arranges his wardrobe by colour and coordinates the contents of his fridge while throwing out items to leave an even number. 


 Celebrities with Ocd

The beautiful Megan Fox is a clean freak and has admitted to suffering from OCD calling it “a sickness”. Her disorder causes her to avoid public rest toilets unless she has a seat cover with her. Megan will also not use restaurant silverware due to the millions of other mouths that have touched them and usually brings her own.




Celebrities with Ocd(120309)Another beautiful celebrity with OCD is Jessica Alba who likes to have control over her life. She would unplug all appliances in her house and double-check every door to ensure it was locked at night. Jessica is quoted as saying “it was like a panic came over me”.






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Movie star Leonardo DiCaprio suffered from OCD as a child and when playing Howard Hughes in ‘The Aviator’ the disorder made a comeback. Leonardo used to walk to school as a child having to step on certain cracks and sometimes having to walk back a block to step on the same crack or gum stain.








Celebrities with Ocd(120306)Pop star Katy Perry has some odd areas of OCD that include freaking out when there is broken make-up in her purse, getting fur from pets on her clothes and fingerprint marks on sunglasses.








Celebrities with Ocd(120305)

Gorgeous Cameron Diaz is another celeb to have a phobia of germs as her OCD. She will open doors using her elbows to avoid touching them and has cleaned her own door knobs so many times that the paint has faded on them. Cameron will also wash her hands numerous times a day to rid herself of germs.







Celebrities who Quit Smoking(120304)Eccentric actor Billy Bob Thornton suffers from an intense form of OCD that causes him to constantly do maths in his head and counting. He believes this disorder grew from his abuse filled childhood.