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Sandra Bullock, Restaurateur and Business Owner Magnificent

Sandra Bullock news hit the headlines with the opening of her Austin business establishments. A star turned business-woman emerged. Renowned for exceptional quality, quaint, mom and pop restaurants, Austin, Texas now proudly boasts two establishments owned by actress SaSandra Bullock Walk of Fame Starndra Bullock.  Reviews on the food and atmosphere for both restaurants tell the tale of Bullock being not only a talented actress but an insightful business woman. A bit of background for how the actress came to Austin sets the stage for her entrepreneurial story.

Sandra Bullock Mini-Biography

Sandra Annette Bullock, born on July 26, 1964, is an actress famous for a variety of roles.  The Sandra Bullock movie list is a long one.  Speed, While You Were Sleeping, Miss Congeniality, Crash, Two Weeks Notice, A Time to Kill, The Proposal, The Blind Side,  and Hope Floats name a few in her hit parade. Numerous awards grace Bullock’s past including a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress, A Screen Actors Guild Award, and the best-known award of all, the Academy Award for Best Actress.  Sandra Bullock, the Oscar winner, is a business woman as well as an award-winning actress.Sandra Bullock Oscar

What Brought Bullock to Austin

Perhaps Bullock’s interest in Austin sprang from her time there in filming in Smithville, Texas, a small, quaint town about 43  miles from the Texas State Capital. In the 1998  in the film, Hope Floats,  Bullock played the role of a wife dismissed by  her husband's infidility in Chicago.  A later chance at love and romance came through her moving to the small town and meeting the character played by Harry Connick, Jr.   As many as an Austenite attests, staying in Austin and failing to fall in love with the city is difficult.  Bullock, smitten by the town, purchased a home at Lake Travis and subsequent business properties there.

Sandra Bullock Into the Restaurant Business

Bess Bistro

Bullock’s business savvy propelled the launch of two Austin restaurants.  Bess Bistro advertises itself as an authentic bistro on Austin’s Old Pecan Street. A penchant for old buildings attracted Bullock to a 1918 building, originally the Stratford Apartments as a site for Bess Bistro.  The kitchen exists where an old bank vault once stood.  The ‘gold’ and currency there Bess Bistrotoday is scrumptuous food according to all the reviews.  A beautiful custom-made pewter bar serves up meticulously selected  wines and beer.  The restaurant with a 6th street entrance is a dedication to classy, beautiful decor of the past.  The tables, made of wood from a barn floor, grace the comfortable dining room.  Etched glass, antique mirrors, historic posts and columns, and an easy-going elegance characterize the decor.  A summary of reviews would say the menu is ‘eclectic-wonderful.’  Favorites appear on posts; the fried green tomatoes, macaroni and cheese, jambalaya, and shrimp and mussels.

Walton’s Fancy and Staple, Sandra Bullock’s Second Restaurant

In 2009, Bullock opened Walton’s Fancy and Staple at 609 W. Sixth Street.  Again, a historic building won out as location.  The 1800’s property, totally renovated, hosts an intrigWalton's Fancy and Stapleuing combination of bakery, florist, deli, catering operation, and coffee shop.  An advertisement declares that a bride can get everything they need here but the dress!  As with Bess Bistro, reviews reveal the delicious cuisine awaiting.

Beyond the Restaurant

Mellow Johnny’s

Bullock is also the project planner and owner of this one.  Keeping with the antique theme, this bicycle shop, co-owned by Lance Armstrong, conducts business in a century-old building at 400 Nueces Street.  In the city home to the University of Texas, bikes are ubiquitous to the landscape.  A bike shop makes total sense there.
Mellow Johnny's
Bullock, the Business Woman and Sandra Bullock Baby News

News stories tell of up and down relationships in her personal life including a painful breakup with her husband, Jessie James.  Bullock is notably a survivor.  In an interview, she once said that she acts to fund what she does  in Austin with her businesses.  Something is refreshing about that.  In 2010, Bullock adopted a baby, Louis Bardo Bullock, pronounced Louie. A favorite of the actress is the Louis Armstrong song, What a Wonderful World.  The baby bears  the name of the songwriter. Little Louis' birthplace is New Orleans where Bullock spent some time after Hurricane Katrina.

The Environmentalist and Volunteer Work

Bullock is an environmentalist.  Videos offer compelling tidbits on how she has brought the environmentalist move to her restaurants.  For example, she purchases disposable flatware made incredibly out of potatoes versus plastic.  Bullock is the face of volunteer work on many fronts.  An avid supporter of the American Red Cross, the star has donated more than $4 million to the organization for specific disaster relief funds.  She was active in helping those in need after Katrina and in urging cleanup of the Gulf of Mexico following the oil spill there.

Sandra Bullock news flashes across the airwaves fairly regularly.  As a Texan, I adore her Austin establishments.  As a movie enthusiast, my favorite news on the actress is that which announces a movie to come.  For that Sandra Bullock news, I anxiously await!

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