Celebrity cruise vacations are the premier yet affordable way to cruise the seas in style and luxury. The inside of the ship has high-class décor and has gained a reputation among other cruise line as having top-notch interior design.

Facilities include a movie theater and a large shopping "mall". There are also large lounges where passengers can be entertained with state of the art lighting and staging. If you want more entertainment, you always go to the casino to play blackjack, roulette or slot machines.

There are 20 different grades of accommodations and will allow the passenger to choose a variety of different suit options. Half of the cabins or suites have private balconies and the majority of the rooms are exterior cabins (have windows). Suites are naturally more expensive but provide top-shelf service and have amenities such as butler service and more space than a standard cabin.

Speaking of suites, if you can afford it, go big. There are two penthouse suites, eight royal suites and 30 sky suites that are available for bookings. However, these are very pricey and fill up on a first come first serve basis. There is butler service for suite accommodations and all suites include breakfast, in-suite lunches and dinner service (upon request).

A more affordable option is the concierge class. This class is the middle class option and is between the suite class and the standard cabin class. The concierge class has the ability to embark before the standard class and have the option to have alternative dining.

The standard cabins are "not too shabby" and come with a lounge area and sofa. These cabins would be the equivalent of an upgraded room in lower grade cruise line.

Food is much better on the Celebrity cruise line than a standard cruise such as the Royal Caribbean cruise vacations. The menu has a large variety and the food taste good. All meals are served on china and are presented nicely. On standard cruises, you will eat off of plastic trays and with plastic cutlery. If you're not in the mood to eat in the main restaurant, you can always choose the buffet option. The buffet option is very good and can seat many guests. If you absolutely want to stay in your quarters, you can always have dine-in options (upon request and advanced notice).

Why not try a spa treatment on your Celebrity Cruise? There are over 16 treatment rooms, aerobics room, gymnasium for basketball and large coed saunas. If that's not your thing you can always play pickle ball, basketball, or volleyball. If you can afford it, try a Celebrity cruise vacation!