There are a lot of things celebrities could get away with that mere mortals like us couldn't. Some years back, Jennifer Lopez wore that green dress and the whole celebrity media was awash with articles about it. If you were in outer space at the time, well, you can do a Google search about it. You might be wondering what is so special about that green dress? You have to see it to understand the confusion. You also have the famous dress worn by Liz Hurley. The dress was held together by huge safety pins. The dress gave a lot of publicity to the designer and made Liz Hurley famous. These are the type of dresses only celebrities could pull off. By the way, not all celebrities could have worn those dresses mentioned above. If Oprah Winfrey were to wear the Liz Hurley dress with the safety pins, there is no way the dress would have stayed on her. You will say Oprah has more class than to dress like that. That is not the point. When it comes to fashion, less is more in the celebrity world. It is part of what show business has become. You have to understand that celebrities have to be in the news in order to be relevant. What is the point of being a celebrity if no one talks about you? If you were to take the case of the Kardarshian Girls, Kim and Kourtney, they are famous for being socialites. They try to stay relevant by having high profile friends and having a reality TV show. That is what modern celebrities do. Does it make any sense? It doesn't have to.

There is a problem with the current celebrity obsessed culture that has spread over the world thanks to the internet and tabloid magazines and newspapers. The effect can now be seen on the general public. We are so into celebrity culture that we want to talk, eat, act and dress like them. If your mother were to wear the green dress that Jennifer Lopez wore, you would have been mortified and probably would have had a heart attack. Yes, your mother is not Jennifer Lopez. The only time you've probably ever seen a woman dress like that is in the red light district. You don't know what a red light district is. To put it mildly, it is not a place you go to read the bible. So why are celebrities able to wear such a dress and your mother, sister, girlfriend or any other woman couldn't? Well those type of dresses are made for two classes of people, celebrities and prostitutes. If you are not a recognized celebrity, and you wear such attire, you must be a prostitute. It is that simple!

Why are ordinary people considered prostitute when celebrities are not? I am tempted to say that is the human nature but it is not. It has to do with protocol and what is perceived to be normal in any giving society. By the way, celebrities actually borrowed the idea from sex workers. They needed the attention and showing more flesh is the only way to go. Remember Nipplegate with Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson. Years later we are still talking and writing about it. Such is the power of flashing your public. This of course puts sex workers in a dilemma. What else would they have to wear or not wear in order to get customers? If the last 20 years is something to go by, you should not be surprised if and when celebrities start wearing bikinis to celebrity red carpet events. The rest of us will just tag along as we have always done. We shall always be divided with our desire to copy celebrity fashion and being labeled a sex workers or prostitute.

Fashion is part of the human experience. We humans are very visual and gullible. If the fashion world tells us that navy blue is fashion this year, we shall all go along with the hype. Is it really a hype? Yes, because you could still wear whatever you want as long as it is not outrageous. It doesn't have to be navy blue. The problem is that no one wants to be considered old school or retro. We all want to prove that we know what is fashionable and are up to date with the latest trends. It might sound ridiculous but nobody wants to be ridiculous. If you were to think back to the miniskirt era, it was fashionable to wear your skirt as short as possible. It doesn't matter how big you thighs are. The fashion world has stated that miniskirts are what every respectable woman should wear. The gods have spoken and the rest follows. Remember the bell bottoms of the 70's and the disco era. They were once fashionable and that is what people wore. Could we conclude that risqué dresses that are now fashionable should be worn by everyone? Maybe, we already do wear such dresses. This is all about conformism. What is it?

"Conformism is a term used to describe the suspension of an individual's self-determined actions or opinions in favour of obedience to the mandates or conventions of one's peer-group, or deference to the imposed norms of a supervening authority. One manifestation of conformism emerges in the practice of "going along and getting along" with people who appear to be more powerful. Conformism holds that individuals and small groups do best by blending in with their surroundings and by doing nothing eccentric or out-of-the-ordinary in any way " – Wikipedia.

This quote really shows that we live in a world that wants freedom of speech and freedom of expression but we are still not truly free enough to decide what to wear. We still let the fashion world dictates to us what is wearable and what is not. That is the paradox when it comes to imitating celebrity fashion. We judge them and then imitate them.

Our outfit tells a lot about who we are or who we want to be. If you don't want to be labeled unfavorably, just stick to your everyday Walmart or Tesco made in china outfit. These outfits might not be that glamorous but you don't get undesirable attention. Leave the other dresses to the celebrities and prostitutes. They make a living with the way they dress while the rest of us just try to live.