Celebrity Halloween Costume Ideas

Marilyn Monroe Celebrity Halloween Costume

Celebrity Halloween costumes are always popular. If you are one of the millions of party-goers, trick-or-treaters, or Halloween lovers dressing up this year, consider these celebrity costume ideas. Celebrity Halloween costumes are fun for adults and kids. 

When you are dressing as a celebrity, use at least one identifiable item in your costume so people recognize you. Decide whether you want to go as a movie, music, or television character or as the celebrity himself. There are many "celebrities" to choose from when you want to dress up in a celebrity Halloween costume. Ideas for adults and kids can be chosen by who you like and how easy the costume is to pull off. It is easier to dress up in a celebrity Halloween costume when the celebrity has something that is easy to replicate.

Popular Celebrity Halloween Costumes

The following is a list of celebrity costume ideas for Halloween:

Lady Gaga Celebrity Costume.

Lady Gaga. Dressing up like Lady Gaga is a great celebrity Halloween costume. The nice thing about a Lady Gaga Halloween costume is that you can Halloween Celebrity Costume Idea Lady Gagamake it an adult costume, a sexy costume, a funny costume, a kids costume, and even a couples costume. She has so many different personalities during her concerts and videos that you can pick from many costumes. If you want to make this a couples costume then you can dress up as Lady Gaga and Beyonce in the Telephone music video. To complete your Gaga celebrity costume you will need to have a blond wig, makeup, an American flag type of outfit (for the Telephone costume), plus sunglasses and any other accompanying pieces of costume. If you make this a couples celebrity costume then do not forget the telephone. There are plenty of Lady Gaga wigs online and in stores so you can easily dress up as Lady Gaga. If you want to emphasize your Lady Gaga or Beyonce celebrity Halloween costumes, get a fiber optic wig.

Sons of Anarchy Halloween Costume

Here is a celebrity Halloween costume for those that like the popular FX show, Sons of Anarchy, about an outlaw motorcycle club. Halloween is tSons of Anarchy Reaper Crew ShirtCredit: Amazon.comhe perfect time to dress up as the bad dude, and there is a lot of Sons of Anarchy gear to make a Halloween costume.

Amazon sells SOA shirts and other gear that the guys wear on the show, including a Reaper Crew shirt like Jax wears, a SOA "Reaper Crew" beanie, and other SOA gear, including jeans, silver skull rings, leathers, helmets, and more.  To make a Sons of Anarchy costume get a wallet chain, skull rings, a fake gun, brass knuckles, skull and crossbones shirt (or black), black hoodie, motorcycle boots, and a tough swagger. Make sure to dirty up your hands like they're greased up from working on your bike. Don't forget your SAMCRO cut, the most important part of an outlaw outfit (the cut is the leather jacket). Go to the thrift store and find some leathers, some cheap Levi's to scruff up, or fake leather for your important motorcycle jacket. Write Sons of Anarchy on the back of your leather jacket and the state you're representing under the SAMCRO logo or buy Sons of Anarchy cut patches. Wear a Sons of Anarchy shirt and Harley-Davidson gear for the best Sons of Anarchy Halloween costume.

Sons of Anarchy is a great couples costume. If you want to make a Sons of Anarchy "old lady" costume then follow all of the above, except the big rings and the leathers. For a women's costume, dress tough and sexy.  The SOA doesn't show it, but some MC club member's girlfriends wear "property of" vests.  Watch SOA for more costume ideas, and to see what Gemma or Tara (Jax's girlfriend) wear.  

Old Spice Guy Halloween Costume

If you want to dress up as a funny Halloween costume then this guy is for you. The Old Spice Guy is a hilarious Halloween costume. If appearing on Oprah means celebrity then the Old Spice Guy costume fits. Check out his commercials for costume details. Speaking of Oprah, she is another idea for a celebrity Halloween costume.

Lindsay Lohan Halloween Costume

You can also dress up as Lindsay Lohan for a Halloween celebrity costume. It is a pretty easy outfit to pull off since you just need a pair of fake handcuffs and a jail jumper. If you want to put a spin on it then you can use the orange jail outfit as your celebrity Halloween costume. Don't let dressing as Lindsay Lohan influence your behavior though. Do not use real dope as props and never drink and drive, just dress up in celebrity Halloween costumes of those who do.

Snooki "Guidette" Halloween Costume

Snooki from Jersey Shore Halloween CostumeThe Jersey Shore is full of celebrity Halloween costume ideas.  Dress up as Snooki and Mike "The Situation" for a celebrity couples costume.  Snooki wigs with the poof make an easy pop celebrity costume. 

  The reality TV celebrities are easy couples costumes or as a group costume.  Amazon sells a Snooki wig and a Mike "The Situation" shirt that looks like washboard abs.   

Donal Trump, Jay Leno, Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, & MMA Costumes

Another celebrity Halloween costume idea is Donald Trump. Surely, there is a Trump wig somewhere so you can be rich and have a horrible comb-over for the day. You can also pick your favorite talk show host--Jay Leno or David Letterman. Amazon carries Jay Leno and David Letterman Halloween masks.

Mixed Martial Arts Costumes

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fans can dress up as their favorite fighter.  Rampage Jackson in the A-Team remake or copy the original star.  Bleach your head to go as Tito Ortiz, get a haircut, blue shorts, gloves, and a glass jaw to go as Chuck Liddell for Halloween. Celebrity Halloween costume ideas are all over.

Halloween Costumes of Dead Celebrities

Michael Jackson Halloween costumes are popular. There are a few things you can do to dress up as Michael Jackson for Halloween. Michael Jackson costumes are available to buy or you can make your own. Sort of like dressing up as Elvis for Halloween, you have many outfits and periods to pick costumes from for your outfit. The Michael Jackson Thriller costume with the red jacket and sequined glove. Another misunderstood yet tragic celebrity is Marilyn Monroe. Dressing up in a Marilyn Monroe Halloween costume can be an adult sexy costume. The famous white dress costume is available through Amazon as is a blond wig to complete the look. The Sexy Marilyn Monroe blond wig Halloween costume is top rated.

Kids Celebrity Halloween Costumes

If you are looking for Halloween costumes for kids here are some celebrity costume ideas. Of course, costumes are age-dependent and should be appropriate. Lady Gaga is popular as a kids costume, tweens costume, and for teenagers.  Spiderman, Superman, and other super hero costumes are always popular for kids.  There are fiber optic super hero costumes that little kids love.  

Some other popular choices for kids celebrity Halloween costumes are any of the characters from the Twilight Series, Harry Potter, and Avatar. Kids costumes can also be characters from cartoons or animated shows. One of the most popular kids costume is Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story. There are several great Buzz Lightyear Halloween costumes at Amazon, including costumes with an inflatable jet pack. There are also adult and plus size Buzz Lightyear costumes so anyone can be Buzz. Buy the Buzz Lightyear costume with a jet pack for the kids costume to say "To Infinity & Beyond". There are kids Woody costumes for boys and girls, too.

Celebrity Halloween Costumes

Whether you are dressing up as tradition, to take the kids trick-or-treating, or to attend a party by a friend or for work, these celebrity Halloween costume ideas ought to help get you started on a Halloween costume, celebrity or not. Have fun wearing a celebrity costume for the night.

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