Many of us are fascinated with the beauty and great body shape of the top celebrities. We wonder what celebrity weight loss tips are they keeping from us.

But, do celebrity weight loss secrets really exist? Or are they just a bunch of hypes? Please read on to find out the truth...

Let's take a look how one celebrity takes care of her body shape.

For example, take a look at Jennifer Aniston's diet secrets and how she is maintaining her figure. According to a TV show I watched sometimes back, Jennifer said that she followed the 40:30:30 diet plan.

This celebrity weight loss diet looks something like the following...

** 40 percent Low Carbohydrates Diet - Beans, fruits and green leafy vegetables.

** 30 percent lean proteins - Tofu, fish, chicken, turkey, beef and low fat dairy products.

** 30 percent essential fats - Nuts and seeds, fish and olive oils.

On top of that, she also had to work out two hours each day for six days a week! She also learns some martial arts, takes yoga and meditation to help tone her body and relax her mind so she can rest well at night.

The above sounds like hard work rather than some secret or magic pill. Doesn't it?

You see, celebrity weight loss secret is actually a MYTH! It does not exist! There is no magic pill for them to swallow and get a sexy figure when they wake up the next morning. Top celebrities maintain their good figures through hard work as well. If you follow what they do, I am sure you would have a great body shape too.

But, of course, celebrities have the advantages over ordinary people. They have the money to spend and hence they could afford to hire the most expensive personal trainers to give them the best work out tips and a team of nutritionists to prepare and tailor-made their weight loss plans.

So, if you ask what are the best celebrity weight loss tips, the answer is healthy diet (eating the right foods) and well-planned exercise regimen. You will also need to have a strong determination to follow through the diet and work out plans religiously. That is the secret to having a celebrity-like figure.

Hope you enjoy this article.