Gone were the days that we had to carry around bulky mobile phones to meetings or store them inside the car. Nowadays, millions of people worldwide rely on compact and handy cellular phones that are equipped with features such as texting and calling capabilities, calculators, organizers, music players, video players, and even access to the Internet using wireless LAN.

This also opened doors for different cell phone brands to emerge and here are some guidelines to choose the best one. The top cell phone brands include Nokia, Sony Ericcson, Samsung and LG among others. These brands are popular for different reasons, but some factors that can help you choose the ideal brand for you include:

1. Appearance- Do you prefer a slide phone, a clamshell, a flip,or just a regular mobile phone that has soft buttons for navigation? There are different brands that cater to these needs, including appearances and colors that match people's lifestyles. Compare Cell Phone Brands

2. Features- This is the most important factor for determining cell phone brands to purchase. If the cell phone will be used everyday for business, then it should be able to do technical stuff like read emails, check word and excel documents, as well as have the functions of a personal digital assistant or PDA.

The cell phones that are most popular for teenagers are those that have FM radios and music player capabilities.

3. Price- The cell phone budget is also another important factor, because some people agree to splurge on the latest models, especially if they are complete with the necessary features that are useful everyday. Others, however, may lead a simpler lifestyle and be content with a mobile phone that can perform the basic tasks of calling and texting.

4. Network provider- Choosing a network provider is also as important. Be sure the cell phone brand is compatible with almost any network provider and inquire about the lock-in period that is bundled with the phone.

This tip is handy when you find yourself wanting to switch networks to avail of a better perk or qualify for a certain promotion. Lastly, take your time to read reviews on the cell phone brands.

Be sure to check up on real feedback from users and the pros and cons of each brand just to make sure you availed of a pretty good deal. There are a lot of magazines and websites that do reviews on brands weekly, so this tip should be a breeze.