Most people in Texas want to know what their options are and have a right to know the cell phone companies in Houston (Harris County).  

Why? Because as a consumer you have a choice to choose who your wireless provider is and not all wireless carriers have the same coverage, technology or even service offerings.

 And though the cellular terrain is pretty competitive and the pricing has significantly come down. Many still want to know who all the wireless players are in their area and folks living in Houston are no different.

The biggest reason why people leave carriers is because of service. Dropped calls are something that most cellular companies spend millions of dollars on monthly just to optimize and maintain.

But when you aren’t getting the coverage you deserve, you have the right to move on. Did you know that if you lodged a wireless complaint with the FCC that you can break your cellular contract pretty easily as long as its ben documented.

Cell Phone Companies in Houston

Wireless Providers in Houston, Texas


System: 1900, 850 and 700 MHZ



Verizon Wireless

System: 1900, 850 and 700 MHZ

Technology: CDMA2000, CDMA, LTE/VOLTE/1xEV-DO



System, 1900, SMR


Technology: CDMA2000, CDMA, LTE/VOLTE/1xEV-DO


Cricket Wireless

System: 1900, 1.7/2.1 Ghz

Technology: CDMA, LTE/VOLTE/1xEV-DO


It also should be noted that Frontier also has a license to do business in Houston but does not provide cellular coverage at this time.

How to Leave/Get Out of a Wireless Contract in Houston

So after reviewing all of the wireless carriers in Houston, you may be curious on how to get out of a wireless contract.

Many carriers like Cricket and other prepay resellers have plans where you can just walk away at will. But if you are in a contract (typically two years) and want to say goodbye to your cellular company, start planning now to do so.

Any agreement is a contract. And in any contract there is an agreement that both parties must comply with. Any type of service denial, in effect constitutes grounds for breaking an agreement. But you must take notes.

  • Make notes of where you are having issues on your commute. You will want to document addresses, times and what happened.
  • Call your current wireless provider and give them the details. The carrier might also want time to make the issue right or further investigate. This is also the time to ask for concessions including removal of charges or crediting your account.
  • If the issue persists, go to the FCC to log a complaint. The website allows for you to make a complaint. It will be investigated and also turned over to the wireless carrier to allow them to respond to the issue. This complaint also serves as legal proof you’ve had concerns and further provides leverage to break your agreement. Some issues are fineable as well by the FCC including problems with 911 and severe outage conditions.

So there you have it. You should know what cell phone companies exist in Houston or anywhere else you are interested in wireless service. You also have the right to move on to another carrier if your needs aren’t being addressed or fulfilled.

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