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Emergency situations are highly unpredictable and with how dangerous the surroundings can be nowadays, more and more people need cell phones emergency use cheap.  No one can ever be in full control of one’s fate especially in situations like these, and everyone should be fully prepared once an unexpected situation arises.

Cell phones emergency use cheap are very important nowadays especially for those who do not really see the use of very expensive phones. And for emergency purposes, people need durable and inexpensive phones to attend to their need. Both the young and old should be able to have access to easy-to-use cell phones emergency use cheap.

Knowing Your Options

With an increasing demand for cell phones emergency use cheap, there are more and more companies creating affordable phones for emergency use in order to cater for people’s needs. It is important that people know their options in order to fully decide what deal would work for them the best.

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It’s not only about the phone itself; it’s also about having an affordable and easy-to-maintain service plan that will give the people’s money’s worth.

Cell Phones Made For Emergency Use

GreatCall, a mobile and service company, created Jitterbug J specifically designed as an easy-to-use cell phones emergency use cheap. Since these phones are basically created to accommodate the needs of people during emergency situations, people can be assured that it’s very easy-to-use that even senior citizens, kids, and the people with disabilities can use it without ever having a hard time.

Cell phone(60317)Credit: http://www.brasilmobile.com/index.php?Keywords=Best+Cell+Phone+Plans&search_type=category&cat2=Best+Cell+Phones&r=c%3EZoKid3mtcX%3AjbXymMnOwcR%3E%3E'f%3Evt%3Cvt%3C7%3C2%3C2%3C29%3A16295%3Ctuzmf2`7%2Fdtt%3C3%3Cjoufsdptnpt`bggjmjbuf`8`e3s`efsq%3Cnl%3A686%3C

In addition, there is no need to worry about the durability and quality of these cell phones emergency use cheap because Samsung is the company behind the design and make of these cell phones emergency use cheap. The Jitterbug J phone is retailed at $99 only and features a large keypad, which makes it dialing easy. Don’t be deceived by its size because it has a very powerful speaker, which delivers clear sound as well and is compatible with hearing aids. And the best part is that all options in the phone can be answered with a simple  “yes” or “no”, so there is no need to study the manual before you start using it. There’s also no need to reach for your reading glasses to use this phone as provides bright and easy-to-read text as well. In times of emergency, people can just dial “0” anytime to contact a friendly and helpful GreatCall operator. 

Customers need also not fret how much they’ll be needing to shell out for the service provided by GreatCall. GreatCall prides themselves in providing a no-contract and prepaid-hassle free monthly rate, which starts at $14.99 only. This rate already provides 50 minutes anytime for a month.

Pay-As-You-Go Option

Sometimes, people are very wary of long-term contracts or monthly fees that service providers offer. And if people are only going to use cell phones emergency use cheap occasionally, there is no point in engaging in a long-term contract, which will just waste money.

As a more practical alternative, service providers now offer prepaid options for cell phones emergency use cheap in which people are allowed to purchase minutes prepaid and altogether avoid being tied down in a long-term contract. The top three service providers in the U.S.A. already offer this prepaid service; you just have to assess which deal works best for you.

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AT&T has the Go Phone Option for Prepaid. With this, people can easily just buy a re-released phone and then buy minutes in increments of $100.  The good thing about this is these minutes (in increments of $100) have a yearlong validity. Meaning, you just have to purchase $100 worth of minutes every year, which is far less cheaper than the usual service provider costs.

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T-Mobile also offers Prepaid Plans, which starts at $10 for 30 minutes. However, these minutes will expire within 90 days after purchase, which then requires the phone owner to purchase more minutes. T-Mobil also offers a pay-daily option wherein users can call other T-Mobil users for $1 per day and an additional of 0.10 for calls outside T-Mobil. T-Mobil also offers cell phones emergency use cheap which are retailed at around $30-$100.

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And lastly, Verizon Wireless’ prepaid options allow users to have a 99 cents daily access charge and 10 cents per minute calls. Verizon’s prepaid option also states that the expiration time depends on the amount of minutes purchased; meaning, the higher the amount of minutes purchased, the validity is longer.

There are other networks that provide various prepaid option deals. As smart consumers, you only need to carefully assess which works for you and in which deal you can save the most for cell phones emergency use cheap.

Additional Tips

Cell phones emergency use cheap would be completely useless if at the time of an emergency, your battery is dead. Hence, it is important to always make sure that your phone is fully charged before leaving the house. You can also purchase a car charger in order to keep your phone alive even when you are on-the-go.

Make sure that the phone is always easily accessible for you. There are emergency situations in which you’ll have no time to run and get your bag or go to your car to get your phone. Make sure it is always close to you, be it inside your pockets or attached to a belt or waistband.

For easier use, you can already program your phone with the emergency numbers and persons you will be contacting in case of emergency. This saves time by lessening the time you need to look and think for the number you need to dial.


Emergency situations can arise at any time, and at any place. There is no harm in being well prepared once these kinds of situations arise unexpectedly. Cell phones emergency use cheap are the most helpful kind of way to deal with these situations and if there’s one thing people need to spend money on, it would be their safety.

So never ever hesitate to allot a portion of your money on cell phones emergency use cheap. Cell phones are made to be portable and easy-to-keep, and it will be the first thing you can get your hands to use to immediately attend to your need.