Many people don't realize there is even a cell phone food stamp program for low income people.

This program was actually instituted under the Lifeline initiative during the Regan administration. The government free mobile phone program made it possible for anyone, especially the poor, to have access to phone services.

When the Lifeline program was started decades ago, it was for wireline accessibility. Now since, most people use their cell phone as their primary means of telephone communication, eliminating the wire line phone, now more than ever is it important for all poor people to have access to wireless phone service.

Being on food stamps is actually one eligibility requirement in most states to get 250 minutes of free cellular phone usage. It’s important to note that the cell phone food stamps program is overseen by the state, though it’s a federal mandate. So in order to get your free mobile phone, you must meet your specific state’s eligibility.

The below requirements are just ONE program requirement you must meet in order to get a free cell phone. Just remember though, that this program must be renewed yearly. So the benefits you get for a free phone, will not carry over year to year. You will need to reapply and provide proof of eligibility on a yearly basis.

  • Food Stamps/SNAP
  • Medicaid
  • Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program
  • Social Security
  • Temporary Cash Assistance

Apply for a Free Phone

Applying for a free phone is actually very easy. All you have to do is go to one of many websites that offer free cell phone services to people on food stamps or other welfare programs.

Assurance Cell Phone Welfare Program

Go to and enter your zip code for your state. If you don’t want to apply over the internet, you can even call their toll free customer service number. The customer service agent or the website will refer you to your state’s requirements. Make sure that you comply. You likely will be asked to provide proof of your eligibility so be prepared to fax or mail the document(s) that substantiate your eligibility claims.

You get the 250 cell phone minutes and a free phone once you are approved.

Safe Link Wireless Program

Safelink Wireless is another free cell phone welfare program. Generally, the instructions are the same as for Assurance. Enter your zip code or call the customer service number. Again, you’ll be asked to provide proof of eligibility.

Budget Mobile is also another 250 free cell phone minutes program that you can also apply to.

Remember that you’ll get:

  • a free phone
  • 250 monthly minutes
  • free 611 calls
  • free emergency calls
  • call waiting
  •  three way calling

What you should remember is that a free welfare cell phone is easy to get. You should also know that the concepts of these programs aren’t really for lifetime use. The Lifeline program’s aim is to help people get back on their feet and to help the next person who falls on hard times.