At What Age Should a Child Get a Cell Phone?

Most parents in this day and age want to know about cell phone plans for kids. Many more want to figure out what the appropriate age is to give a child a cell phone.

But there are some important facts and figures out there that suggest many kids with cell phones aren’t being reckless with their usage.

In fact, according to a survey in 2009, nearly 40% of children between the ages of 6 and 11 had cell phones. But how those phones were in fact used and for what reason, may cause most parents and other care givers to give a sigh of relief. Did you know that in this same study, 88% of those children 6 to 11 stated they used their mobile phones primarily to call their parents, followed with 68.1% using their phone to call friends and 55% stating the phone was only used for emergencies.

So what is the best age for a child to have a mobile phone?

Some proponents of children having cell phones suggest the age might in fact be when the child turns 6, around the time most children begin first grade. A child of 6 typically gets that first crack at independence and often spends the longest time away from a parent or guardian. And let’s face it, with so many dangers out there in the world, giving a child a cell phone may just be what is needed to give a parent that added sense of security.Cell Phones for Kids

Top Cell Phone Companies and Phone Plans for Kids

Most adults looking for cell phones for kids aren’t turning to their own wireless providers for several reasons. Firstly, even those major wireless companies that tout family plans or kid friendly cell phone plans – are still providing grown up phones, either being super expensive or just too sophisticated for a 6 year old to use.  Moreover, many major wireless phone companies want to lock you into a contract for your kid’s cell phone. And let’s be real here, you need the flexibility of choosing who your mobile phone provider is and having some choices in not just kid phones but also the level of which you are able to control your youngster’s phone usage.

That’s why two of the most cutting edge phone providers on the market today for kids are Kajeet and Firefly. Both of these companies sole purpose is to provide wireless devices and service for your children. And what’s even better, is the fact that there are kid friendly and specific phones to choose from and even pay as you go plans. Let’s look at the top characteristics and comparisons for both Kajeet and Firefly phone service for kids.

Kajeet Phone Service for Kids

  • Prepaid Phone Plans for Kids as low as 5 dollars a month
  • Unlimited Parental Controls for Voice (in and out), Data and Text Messaging
  • GPS device tracking
  • Mobile Broadband Devices for Children w/ Parental Controls
  • No Contracts, Activation or Termination Fees (Pay as you Go)
  • Tween and Teen Appropriate

Firefly Mobile for Kids

  • Cool Age Appropriate Phones for Kids with Full Color Screen and Easy to Use Buttons (ie, Nokia 100)
  • Pay As You Go Plans as Low as .15 cents A Minute
  • No Contracts, Termination or Activation Fees
  • All Calls in and Out Parental Control Functions
  • Just buy a FireFly SIM and plug into Any Phone
  • Appropriate for younger children ages 6-11

When it comes to cell phone plans for kids it’s important to know that you as a parent or guardian have choices when it comes to selecting a cell phone for your child. And luckily there are options on the market place that are inexpensive and provide you a level of control to not only protect your child, but also the money you spend.