If you ever find yourself out of a job and in need of a government cell phone, you are in luck because there are free cell phone programs for the unemployed.

Most institutions, including the government, realize that sometimes, especially in this economy, people just need vital help to get back on their feet. And with cell phone costs rising yearly, many times help with a cell phone bill can be just the resource to enable someone out of a job and looking for one get back on their feet even quicker.

A mobile phone can help you stay connected. Let’s face it; having a mobile phone enables you to stay in the game and reachable in a competitive job market. Luckily there are resources out there that can assist you do just that.

How Does an Unemployed Person Get A Free Government Phone?

Well the answer is pretty simple. All you have to do is call one of the companies listed below that I’ll list at the bottom of this article. They include the top three programs out there: Budget Mobile, Assurance Wireless and Safelink Wireless. They’ll ask for your state and they’ll tell you if you qualify for a free mobile phone. Being out of work doesn’t mean that you have to do without a wireless device.

The major requirements are that you have to be on ONE of the government programs, this includes either you or your child. The programs include: Social Security, Section 8, Food Stamps, School Lunch Program, Medicaid or an income requirement. The beauty of this program is that you only need to be on ONE of these programs to qualify.

You’ll likely need to prove that you are on the above and mail or fax the application back to whichever program you choose to join.

You’ll also need to realize that you’ll have to re-apply to this program every year nearing your anniversary. But the goal really is to use this subsidized wireless phone service until you no longer need it, so that other people can benefit.

Useful Facts for the Phone Program if Unemployed:

  • Only One Person Per Household May Be On The Program: If you have anyone in your household that may benefit from the program- be it you, your spouse, child or elderly parent, you must choose who actually gets on the program.
  • You May Be Audited during the Program to Ensure You Comply:  You could be audited during the program. So make sure that when you apply you fill out the paper work as accurately as possible.
  • Not All of The Programs Offer the Same Services So Do Your Homework: It’s true. Not all of the subsidized government phone programs offer the same things, so do your research. Most of the programs do offer free phones, free minutes, free long distance etc.  But there are some differences like some of the services offer free text messaging others don’t. Some offer free new wireless phones, other programs only ensure the phone is gently used.

That’s it. Just know that there are free phones out here for the jobless and unemployed. Remember that sometimes we all need help. There are services out there to assist. You just need to know where to look.