When you have decided to already travel in Indonesia, you must remember that one of the most essential things that you should have is a cellular phone especially if you have decided to stay in the place for a long time. There can actually be some cell phone services in Indonesia which can truly support your communication needs. You do not need to worry about having a trusty cellular phone because you can definitely have an access to it in Indonesia. You can even be amazed to find out that you can actually avail of truly affordable cell phone services in Indonesia compared to other countries which can really have expensive cell phone services. This can be beneficial for almost anyone, from professionals to mere tourists who simply want to enjoy the vacation in Indonesia.

Looking Into The Cell Phone Service Costs in Indonesia


Some cell phone services in Indonesia, if you do not properly search for the right ones, can really offer you with high costs. If you would simply learn how to be able to look for the affordable and good quality cell phone services in Indonesia, you would not have much of the problem when it comes to dealing with expenses. You must remember that you cannot just simply use your cell phone from your native country in Indonesia because only certain cell phones can be usable in the said country. This is the reason why the need for cell phone services in Indonesia arises. If you are not prepared in your visit in the said place, you would require a lot of adjustments before you could be able to have a trusty cell phone in Indonesia right at your hands.

There are only about two major carriers that are known in Indonesia that can truly provide you with a strong and very reliable coverage. But despite the minimal options that you can get, you can be sure about their affordability because cell phone services in Indonesia can be truly a lot cheaper as compared to those provided in the United States.

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You might question why cell phone services in Indonesia can be really cheap but you should not doubt on such detail because it is definitely a reality. Cell phone services are truly affordable in the place and the reason is because the Indonesian carriers do not overcharge when it comes to their service. The Indonesian cell phone service actually has a very accurate pricing status which can really define what a cell phone service should be.

The Need For The Proper Cell Phone 

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When it comes to choosing the right phone that you can use to properly avail the cell phone service in Indonesia, you must consider those GSM phones in the market preferable dual band phones. Dual band phones are those that support two bands which are 900MHz and 1800MHz respectively. This can be one of your options but if you truly want to achieve the best when it comes to your cell phone service in Indonesia, you should choose the quad and phones which can support four different major GSM bands which makes the device truly versatile and very usable wherever you may be.

The Requirements For You To Avail The Cell Phone Service In Indonesia

For you to be able to avail of the cell phone services in Indonesia, you should be able to of course have your own unlocked GSM phone. Remember that you cannot simply use any type of phone for this service. Indonesia only allows the use of GSM or Global System for Mobile Communications for their network that is why you must strictly adhere to this. Indonesia will only allow these types of cellular phones to work. Dual band and quad band cell phones are the ones considered to be highly recommended for this type of service. You should also be able to have your activated credit card for you to be able to pay for the said cell phone service in Indonesia.

You should also make sure that your GSM phone is unlocked. By being unlocked, it means that you are able to allow the phone to work with different service providers. You should be able to make sure that your device can be able to work with different networks. Unlocked cell phones are one of the most important materials that you should have in order to avail of the cell phone services in Indonesia.

After ensuring that your cell phone can work, you can now avail of an international plan such as Orange and Vodafone so that you can be sure that the service in Indonesia for your cell phone. But if you are really decided when it comes to staying a little longer in Indonesia, you may want to avail of the cell phone service from the two providers available there as what have been stated previously. These two providers are known to be Excelcomindo Pratama and the PT INDOSAT known as the Indonesian Satellite Corporation.

These details simply show that there can be truly no problems when it comes to availing the right cell phone service in Indonesia for you. You simply have to consider some instructions before you can finally have one. You can be assured that you will not have much of the problems when it comes to the cost because the cell phone service is definitely affordable and you would not believe that such price can definitely be possible. This just goes to show that cell phone services in Indonesia provide the customers with much of the convenience and affordability that they really need.


You do not need to worry if you have travels in Indonesia and you still have to keep in touch with a lot of people back in your country and almost anywhere in the world because you can readily avail of the cell phone service in Indonesia to help you keep up with your transactions to people. The cell phone services in Indonesia help facilitate efficient and effective communication for different people especially for tourists who would really want to stay and enjoy the place for a longer time without having to sacrifice their transactions and communication needs.