So, you are yakking on your cell phone in a restaurant and somehow, you drop your phone in your glass of water, and now you have a wet cell phone. It could have been the conversation, or all that hand cream on your hands, but for what ever the reason it slipped out of your hand and into the glass. You couldn't have done that perfect plop even if you tried!

It happens.. It may have happened to you too, maybe it was a puddle, or the sink, or even just being in your coat pocket in a heavy rain can have the same result, wet cell phone. Electronics and water just don't mix!

But there are steps you can take to fix a wet cell phone. But the first and most important step, is to get your wet phone out of the water as fast as you can. The quicker you are, the better chances you have of bringing your wet cell phone back to life!

This is going to take a few days, so unless you can afford to run out and get a new one, then be patient when trying to dry a wet phone.

Note: Cell phone dealers and providers, do not cover wet cell phones under any warranty or replacement programs, so don't think you can just dry it off and take it back for a new one. They can tell when the phone got wet, even after you dry it off. So, it is best to not waste time, and just get on with trying to save your wet cell phone.

1. To fix a wet cell phone, you need to quickly dry the phone in a paper towel or soft absorbent towel of some kind. The quicker you get the excess water off the better. If you dropped it in muddy water, or dirty water, you will need to actually wash it off with a wet paper towel as dirty water will not help things.

2. Pull your battery and sim card out of your wet cell phone quickly, and lightly dry them with the paper towel. Try and soak up any obvious drops of water without rubbing, just blot.

3. Now find a clean bowl and fill it with plain white rice. (White rice works best at absorbing, not the wild rice). It is cheap, and you can get a bag of this at the grocery store if you are willing to try to bring your wet cell phone back to life. To dry your wet phone, put the parts into the rice, and completely bury them.

4. If you don't have any rice, but you are one of those people that collects those little silica bags that are in products to keep things dry, such as shoes, or electronics, and you have enough of them, you can put them on top of your phone. Or if you have the hobby of drying flowers using silica, then you should have a supply of this product already. You can use this to dry a wet cell phone. The rice or silica will draw

5. Leave your phone parts in either the white rice or the silica for at least 3 or 4 days. If you have been attached to your phone at the hip, this is going to be a hard 4 days. You should email all your friends and contacts and tell them what happened, and that you are trying to revive your wet cell phone. I am sure they will understand, and maybe they will have to contact you with a landline. Or maybe you might actually like the silence for a while!

6. Carefully remove your phone parts from the rice or silica, and put back together, and try to turn it on. If you got it quickly out of the water, and you promptly dried all the parts in the suggested materials above, and waited enough time in the rice or silica, then it should turn on and hopefully be good as new.

Phone Got Wet

No matter how your cell phone became wet, all you can do is try the above steps, and get to them as quick as you can. If you wait too long, it is possible that it just can't be saved. If your phone just won't turn back on, then you will have to say goodbye, as there is nothing else that can be done. But you can take your sim card, to your cell phone provider, and purchase a new phone, and see if they can get any information off your sim card. It could be that the phone has died but the sim card containing all your phone numbers, pictures etc may be just fine. At least you can try and save all that information. It will cost you to get it transferred to a new phone, but at least you will not have lost everything.

With everyone using their cell phones to hold pictures as well as phone numbers, email addresses and more, then it is not just a matter of setting up the phone numbers again, there is much more to lose, especially if you did not take the pictures off the cell phone..

If you were coming to the end of your cell phone contract or your cell phone is a few years old, then maybe it is time to get a new one anyways, but if you can at least try and save the sim card, then you can save all the information you had on your old phone, and just recycle the old wet cell phone. (Don't throw out your old electronics, they can now be recycled)

So, even as you stare at your dripping wet cell phone, and are about to toss it, take the time to pull it apart and get that sim card out and dry it, so you are not starting all over again.

Waterproof Cell Phones

If you are in the habit of being in damp areas, such as a lot of camping or hiking, and your phone has a habit of getting wet, maybe you should ask your cell phone provider about the latest in waterproof cell phones!