What Companies Offer Cheap Pay As You Go Cell Phones?

If you are looking for cell phones with no contracts or cheap pay as you go cell phones with no service plans, today, you have many options. 

Mobile phone providers offer two types of services: 1) Contract phone services and 2) Pay as you go phone services.  Your choice will depend on your lifestyle, businesses or personal needs, and also your available finances.  In today’s economy, many people are choosing cheap pay as you go cell phones with no service plans in order to meet their daily needs.

Simply because, unlike contract phone services, pay as you go phone services allows you great flexibility in terms of how you handle your account. There are less fees and less money involved when you deal buy cell phones with no contract. People who want the freedom to pay for the calls they make (an only that), cancel the service whenever they want without having to pay a large cancellation fee, and not get tied down in a two-year contract, gravitate more to pay as you go cell phones with no service plan.

Many consumers are also using pay as you go cell phones and cell phone services in place of a landline telephone.  They, again, find it easier to deal with and in most cases just as reliable as having a land line telephone.  Regardless of the reason why you want a cheap pay as you go cell phone, you have many options to choose from, and many reputable companies.

Some of Today’s Best Options For Cheap Pay As You Go Cell Phones With No Service Plan.

NET10: Net10 is suitable for simple pricing and cool phone selection. They provide nationwide coverage. No extra charge for directory assistance (411).

  • Service charges: They don't want to leave any consternation about service charges. All minutes are 10 cents.
  • SMS: 5 cents for each SMS sent or received, that will be deducted from your minute balance.
  • MMS: every mms cost is 25 cents each with a charge of WAP access.
  • Data plans: They offers web browsing as same as the rate of phone calls at a minute basis. 1 minute browse will deduct one minute phone call.
  • International calling: Net10 supports international calling. It requires a certain internet service to be activated. Visit their website or call customer care for details.
  • Payment Options: payment available via online, authorized retailer and by phone.


PlatinumTel Prepaid: The most popular pay as you go cell phone provider in the market. They are offering amazing plans at a low cost.

  • Service charges: With the real Paygo plan you have to spend 5 cents for each minute.
  • SMS : Every SMS charges 2 cents each.
  • MMS: You will be charged 10 cents for a mms, But you can get unlimited mms by loading a 10 dollar data card.
  • Data Plans: The Real Paygo plan charges 10 cents per megabyte of data used.
  • International calling: You can call to over 40 countries at a varying rate starting from 2 cents.
  • Directory assistance: directory assistance for $1.49 plus regular calling fees.
  • Payment Options: Pay by credit card on their website and by cash at retail outlets.


AT&T Prepaid: Another giant of prepaid cell phone market. An wide coverage of network.

Service charges: it is offering 3 different prepaid plans

  1. 50 dollar plan unlimited plan including unlimited talk time, unlimited SMS and unlimited mobile web.
  2. 2 dollar daily plan offering unlimited talk time, SMS but charges 1 cent per 5KB of data.
  3. 25 dollar plan includes 250 minutes talk time, unlimited SMS.

Payment Options: They receive payment by credit card, debit card and electronic check on their website. Cash is also acceptable to retail outlets.


Boost Mobile: This mobile is popular among young generation. It has a lot of amazing features with reliable wireless services. It is offering a number plans that attracts almost all type of people. They operate on both a CDMA and iDEN network.

  • Service charges: it offers 20 cents per minute all day. Unlimited push talk for one dollar per day.
  • SMS: text messaging is available for pay as you go at 20 cents per SMS to send and receive.
  • MMS: 25 cents for each SMS to send and receive.
  • Data Plans: web browsing is for 50 cents per day. Unlimited plan provides mobile web.
  • Payment Options: Buy extra minutes via buying refill cards and charging your credit card. You can also pay by certain ATM location.


Metro PCS: A new company in USA cell phone market. Yet it has limited availability and is not available for all customers, it is expanding its coverage rapidly. It has a few calling plans such as

  •  40 dollars plan includes unlimited calling, SMS, web access and nationwide coverage.
  • The 45 dollar plan includes unlimited calling, SMS, web access. Nationwide coverage and metro’s 411 plan.
  • The 50 dollar plan adds unlimited emails, IM and GPS function.

Payment Options: Its auto pay feature allows you to pay from your debit card and credit automatically.


Page Plus Cellular: A small pay as you go cell phone provider. It offers simple and worthwhile services. If your targeted subject is cost per call, you should like this company. It is offering some pay as you go plans such as:

  • 10 dollar card provides 10 cents per minute.
  • 25 dollar card is 6 cents per minute.
  • 50 dollar card is 5 cents per minute.

Payment Options: You can purchase their phone cards via PayPal. Minute cards are available through local retailers.


Ready Mobile: They are offering some pay as you go plans suited to your budget.

  • 500 minutes at 25 dollars or 5 cents for each minute.
  • 45 dollars for 900 minutes or 5 cents per minute like the first. This card includes 100 free text messages.
  • 25 dollars for 100MB, 45 dollars for 200MB, and 75 dollars for 500MB by refill.

Payment Options: You can purchase refill card in any Ready Mobile local retail store. Credit card and debit card are allowed at the website to pay them.


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