Oenophiles (lovers of wine or one who enjoys wine) the world over gather in groups or clubs designed around their interests.

The 'Cellars Wine Club' has built a reputation on promoting, sharing and selling the 'hard to find' wines. One of the most popular and versatile wine clubs today, Cellars has a wide variety of programs to choose from.

Many wine aficionados customize their groups and clubs with other interests such as culinary enthusiasm or cigar and tobacco aficionados.

Excellent reference guides are also the most recommended media resources for keeping up with wine trends and topics. Wine Magazine and Wine Spectator print regional guides to popular clubs and give tips on wine selections and popular trends.

Founded in 1999, Cellars Wine Club has built a very good reputation as the online source for purchasing a versatile yet easy to design custom wine purchase in a club environment.

The ease of regular wine shipments coming right to your door is a practical investment and not just a luxury purchase. The time saved by letting professionals choose your wine purchase is noteworthy.

Cellars also uses a wine rating system that gives you the peace of mind of knowing you are purchasing a quality rated wine in your club package.

Cellars Wine Club describes their rating system as based on a '100 point scale'. Further defined as: "The numbers can be qualified in relation to school grades: 90-100 = A, 80-89 = B, 70-79 = C, 60-69 = D, and 50-59 = F. Differences between a wine rated 84 to a wine rated 85 will be small but a wine rated 90 (receiving an A grade) should be more noticeable to a wine rated 89 (receiving a B grade)."

Among the wine critics and Sommeliers ranking Cellars wine selections are: Robert Parker 'The Wine Advocate'. Known as the single most significant influence on consumer wine buying habits and trends in America and thirty-seven countries. Stephen Tanzer, highly respected in the industry editor, publisher and wine columnist. James Halliday, known as Australia's most respected critic and wine writer.

Components and club pricing of the Cellars Programs:

The basic membership benefits for all packages include: Convenient monthly delivery to your home or office, a subscription to 'Cellar's Notes', where information is listed on the featured wineries for the month, their wines, tasting notes, food pairings, recipes, and other wine related articles Gift memberships includes a custom gift announcement notifying the recipient of their membership plus any personal message you would like to add. A new feature of Cellars is the offering of specialty e-cards for inclusion into your gift. Membership requires no monthly minimums. Memberships to any one of Cellars clubs can be cancelled at any time. Additionally, a 20% discount on case reorders of featured wines is allowed from the club.

Club choices include: The Single Bottle, Premium Bottle, International Wine, West Coast, Sweet Wine, Red Trio, Platinum Wine, 90+ Wine and the limited enrollment Cellars High End Club.

High Points and cost involved with the basic and most popular clubs are:

Single bottle: One bottle of red or white wine, chosen by Cellars. Monthly cost of the single bottle club is $19.95 with selected wines both domestic and international. All wines rating from 70 to 80 as quality choices.
Premium Wine: Set for one wanting to be a little more adventurous with access to wines you may not have access to normally. Offers two different reds (or) one red and one white. Monthly cost is $29.95.
West Coast Wine: California's Napa and Sonoma Valley. Also including Monterey, Oregon and Washington's Williamette and Columbia Valley regions. Boutique wines at $39.95 per month with the same bottle count as the Premium club.
Platinum Wine: For the true and more seasoned wine aficionado, classic regions worldwide are the focus with wine choices unavailable otherwise. Cost monthly is $59.95
90'Plus' Wine: Limited to 200 members, the monthly selections all rate no less than 90 and go up from there. Some of the finest wine in the world from both well known and just discovered wineries. Monthly cost is $79.95.
Cellars High End: Predominately reds, this club holds Cellars most highly rated. Cost monthly is $149.95.
Quarterly Case Club: The latest offering at Cellars and a great choice once you have discovered favorites from your monthly samplings. Savings at tremendous discounts with at least $100 of single purchase prices.