Remember last Christmas? The huge pile of wrapping paper left behind as the whole family opened all their presents? Do you know what happens to this pile of wrapping paper after the feast? If you are good you put it all in the appropriate recycle bin. But if you are unlucky plastic recycling is not available in your area and all these fancy plastic based wrappers end up in a landfill site. Or even worse, recycling bins for plastic are available, you feel good because you put all your plastic rubbish in them, and guess what? They still might end up on the landfill site or in an incinerator because the recycling facility is above limits. So, what to do? Wrapping Christmas, and other, gifts in dull recycled paper with eco friendly print? Ok, ok, some of them are not so dull, and others are actually quite nice, but lets be honest, they don't have this glitter and glamor you like to give your presents.

What about if you could wrap your presents in a stylish plastic-like looking wrap that is both available in transparent and in color / with printed images on them AND that that decays naturally and is 100% biodegradable? You don't believe me that that exists? What about cellophane and cellophane bags? It is made from cellulose, a natural material that is won from wood, cotton or hemp and is approved by the FDA to be food safe. Additionally it lets the contents breath, avoiding so the growing of mold and fungi. The later is important is you place for example Christmas cookies that still have some rest humidity in these kind of bags. More advantages of cellophane bags are that they repel water (keeping presents safe), they are very light and don't take much place up when folded and they are decorative.

To make the best out of cello bags as a gift wrap, here a few tips. First you have to make the choice between cello bags and cellophane on rolls and printed / colored or transparent. This choice depends both on your personal taste and how you plan to use the cello wrap. For large gifts exist large cello gift bags, but also cellophane on rolls might be a choice. For smaller item bags are often the best bet, especially as they come in a variety of colors and prints. When bagging your gift pay a bit attention on how you arrange the gift and possible additional, decorative items in the bag. One of my favorites would be to combine a candle in its candle holder with either some potpourri or some nice tea. Just make sure that the main gift is well visible through the bag and that the colors don't clash. Add a nice ribbon on top, with a bow or a mini card perhaps and you are good to go with your ecologically friendly gift wrap!