Top 5 Qualities When Considering Cellphones For Seniors

Seniors, due mostly to their age and different needs, requires different kind of mobile phones for their personal use. These cell phones should be specially made for them so that they can really use the applications in their daily lives.

Nokia CellphoneCredit: techsdrop.blogspot.comIn today’s more high-tech environment, mobile phones have also changed tremendously especially regarding modern applications. However, for old people these applications are not what they need. There are important aspects that you should consider when looking for the right cell phones for seniors.

Here are best attributes for cellphones for seniors:

•    Large Keypads – Since it’s a fact that older people’s eyes are deteriorating as they age, this aspect of their mobile phone is important. It will be easier for them if the phone’s keypad is larger than what younger people usually use. In addition, the backlight should be brighter so that they can easily see the cell phone’s characters. The cellphone’s screen should also be larger for better reading

•    Voice Activated – This aspect allows the user to call a number just by mentioning the inputed name of the person you want to contact. It’s a great feature for cellphones for seniors because they don’t have to look for the numbers and names on the phonebook anymore. The speed dial application is also another great factor that they should learn to use for easier calling actions

  •    Minimal and Simple Features – Since older people would probably not really utilize all the modern applications of the more hi-tech mobile phones today, their specialized cell phones should have the more basic applications that are more important. For instance, the calling and texting features should allow for a simple and easy to understand process

 •    Easy to Use Charger – Another convenient aspect that you should take notice of is the uncomplicated feature of the phone’s charger. Small cables used in charging may not be ideal for cell phones for seniors. It difficult to plug in into the phone because of older people’s physical limitations

 •    One Button Emergency Call Feature – Senior people are more prone to accidents, so they need a faster way of communicating whatever emergency situation they are in. They wouldn’t be able to concentrate looking for what number to call when they are in a serious situation

All in all, when looking for cellphones for seniors the best things to remember are that these gadgets should have simple applications, larger screens and buttons, easy to handle, and ideal for emergency purposes. In this regard, the simpler the cell phone is, the better.